UPDATED: edit to fix teams qualified for first season Premier Sports cup, added VAR from December season 1.


This database reworks the pyramid for the 22/23 in Scotland. All teams and competitions are accurate as of 12/07/2023. At the end of season 1, EOS Div 2, WOS div 3 and North Premier change to 16 team leagues as they will in real life. Structure is




League one

League two


Tier 5

Highland League

Lowland League


Tier 6

North Caledonian League

North Premier                                                  (14 teams season 1, 16 teams season 2 onwards)

Midlands League

East of Scotland Premier

South of Scotland League

West of Scotland Premier


Tier 7

North Championship                                       (16 teams season 1, 14 teams season 2 onwards)

East of Scotland Division 1

West of Scotland Division 1


Tier 8

East of Scotland Division 2

West of Scotland Division 2                             (18 teams season 1, 16 teams season 2 onwards)


Tier 9

East of Scotland Division 3                              (10 teams season 1, 12 Teams season 2 onwards)

West of Scotland Division 3                            (19 teams season 1, 16 teams season 2 onwards)


Tier 10

West of Scotland Division 4                            (12 teams season 1, 15 teams season 2 onwards)


I have not changed any of the promoted teams in the top 4 leagues so this database will work with the SI update (recommended) 


There are a couple issues i am aware of but they dont affect gameplay at all. As the boundaries for the WOS and SOS leagues overlap, some SoS teams tend to move to the WoS. I've done the best I can with the boundary lines but cant seem to stop it. I havent yet worked out a way to keep the Tier 6 Premiers at 16 clubs if one club is promoted. I'll keep trying to work it out. It would possibly solve the issue of SoS to WoS aswell.  



Paul Evans
2 years ago
6 months ago

Absolutely brilliant work.  Thanks very much.

3 years ago
5 days ago

logo or kit packs ?

Steve Waddell
1 year ago
8 months ago

Thanks for this, for anyone still on FM22 it works for that DB too, including the change in structure after season 1.

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