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Here at sortitoutsi we have a huge staff team that helps moderate the forums, data update submissions, file uploads, graphic megapacks, FM records, careers and everything else that goes on around the site everyday.


But we're always looking for more. If you love writing, making videos, updating the game or just have a passion for tactics, running competitions or reading other peoples careers, there's a space for you on our team. There's no minimum expectations to produce content, this is a hobby, everyone on our staff team is here because they enjoy it and contributes as and when they can.


Being part of our team also brings opportunity, if you have a great idea but can't do it all yourself we can help you make it a reality and with 1.7 million registered members and 500 thousand people logging in regularly we can make it huge as well.


Below we've outlined some areas we need some help with including some new projects we're working on, but if you think you can contribute in another area or with a new idea, that's great too, please get in touch with whatever comes to mind and we'll try our best to help.



It's been a very long time since we've had a blog at sortitoutsi as we shifted more and more to focus on our forums and collaborative updates and megapacks. But we'd love to get some in depth content back on the site. Whether it's tactical advice, opinion pieces on what FM23 needs to be to really grab our attention, personal anecdotes bemoaning your addiction, guides to developing youngsters or anything Football Manager related, we want it all. If you enjoy writing and love FM, get in touch and we'll see if we can put your writing in front of our 500,000 active members.


Tactics Team

Earlier this year we revamped how we offer tactics. I believe we have the best designed tactics hub in the community, that clearly shows how each tactic is setup as well as how it's performed in tests with a variety of different clubs.


Not only that we make it super easy for users of tactics to share their results with the rest of the community.


If you love our Tactics Hub and want to see it grow, or if you think it's okay but have some ideas to make it better, or if you just love creating or testing tactics, then get in touch and help join our Tactics Team.


Video Community Team

We're working on a new feature for the site that's going to help showcase all the great FM Video content you can find on Youtube and Twitch. If you love watching FM videos and would like to help us discover and promote new and upcoming creators then get in touch, no skills necessary, just a natural interest in watching FM Videos.


If you're interested in creating FM Videos yourself, let us know. We'd love to get some content on our own Youtube channel and need an enthusiastic team to get things off the ground. You'd start with 1.89k YT subscribers straight away and have the power of our already massive following to quickly grow the channel. And you'd keep 100% of the earning from ads from your videos.


FM Challenges Team

We're also working on a new section of the site dedicated FM Challenges, were you can take part in short (or long!) Football Manager Challenges and earn points for achieving goals along the way and compare your results to other managers taking part in the same challenge. If that sounds exciting to you, then we need people to help moderate each challenge making sure people are submitting their results correctly and as well as coming up with new fun challenges. Simply get in touch to get involved.



sortitoutsi has one developer, me. I code everything on the site and the whole site is custom coded, we don't run Wordpress, Invision Power Board or any other CMS. I like it this way because web development is a hobby for me. Bringing in more people to help sucks because it makes it feel like work, you get half as much done because you spend twice as long in meetings talking about what you're going to do rather than just diving in. If you're a developer you probably understand what I mean.


But there are projects we'd love to work on that require a developer that I either don't have the time or the skills to work on.


If you can code and you love FM you've probably already thought about coding something for FM. If so get in touch and lets see if we can work together, we can help support new projects with tools and resources you need.


Here's a few of the projects we'd love to happen but need a developer for:

Web Scraper

@krissmed has been working on tools to help automate our data update by scraping player data and transfers from football websites around the web. If you'd like to help build the biggest and most accurate FM Data Update in this way, then get in touch.


We are also looking at using web scraping to help power our new source images project, that will help create a huge directory of source logos and kits for people to create awesome FM Graphics from.


Game Memory Reader

Alot of existing FM tools work by reading the memory of the game while it's running. This lets you build scout tools where you can easily search the whole game including hidden attributes and editors that let you edit different parts of the game.


These tools could also be used to export data, if you could export all attributes you could build a companion app that lets you track your player development over time in ways the normal game doesn't allow.


You could also export elements of your career, imagine having a timeline of your greatest career featuring all the best (or worst) moments. You could even publish this to share with others.


We'd love to build a tool this like, but need developers familiar C#, .NET, Rust and other similar languages to help out. If that sounds like you, send us a message


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5 years ago
6 hours ago

Can't wait to see more knowledge being added to this incredible staff team! Great opportunities @Footygamer!


If you are interested in making (3D) kits, we'd like to help you out too!

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