2 years ago
1 month ago

Could somebody please help explain some things to do with the pre-game editor as it is driving me insane??


I download the Lower League 14 file and install. I go to start the game, file is good to go, but I'd like to make some minor adjustments - players names/ changing clubs etc. I go to pre-game editor. I load up the LL14 file. I make these minor adjustments.  I save changes. I test rules. All verified. I go to start a new save again and the message next to the file says it needs to be verified. I go back in, convert to advanced rules, test those and then it says there are multiple conflicts lower down the pyramid. I don't know how to resolve those. 


Am I doing something wrong? This whole editor is not intuitive in the least.


Also, I am working off the most recent update 22.4.0. When I run the game alongside a non-edited LL14 game, there are multiple transfers - loans, mainly - that I have checked are not in either database. 

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