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Football Manager 2023 features have been revealed in a video on YouTube.


You can view the video below:

You checked out very own Anderzabz reacting to the new features here:


Which feature is everybody most looking forward to? Is there anything that you would have liked to see included but hasn't been? Let us know below.

Lebohang Mokoena
17 years ago
17 minutes ago

Well, licences are always a good thing. However I wanted a recruitment revamp and it seems we'll get it

14 years ago
12 hours ago

I'm looking forward to every new feature and improvement. FM has evolved with every edition. No doubt though that some will swear by a previous version. Well the dinosaurs are extinct, long live FM23 (until FM24).

17 years ago
3 days ago
By Lebohang Mokoena 30 September 2022 - 14:42 PM UTC 

Well, licences are always a good thing. However I wanted a recruitment revamp and it seems we'll get it


The champions league draw's etc. look so much better too - I'm liking the look of that.


5 years ago
28 minutes ago

I'm hoping that set pieces will be improved a lot. They're really buggy and have been for years.

9 years ago
5 hours ago

Moi j aimerais que l interaction soit plus naturelle entre entraîneur et joueur .

Qu'il y ait plus de possibilité de dialogue et de sentir que le joueur se sente plus concerné.

Et je trouve que ça aurait été intéressant qu'on nous laisse en plus d'être entraîneur pouvoir contrôler un joueur.

J'aimerais qu'en mode match quand un jour est technique ce soit plus réaliste.


17 years ago
1 day ago

Please try and post in English or use Google Translate when needed.


I would like the interaction to be more natural between coach and player.

That there is more possibility of dialogue and to feel that the player feels more concerned.

And I think it would have been interesting if we were left in addition to being a coach to be able to control a player.

I would like that in match mode when a day is technical it would be more realistic.

gary wynn
11 years ago
2 days ago

Please could the players tunnels be truer to real life stadiums? It moves in almost every save, for instance the stadium of light has its tunnel in the centre of the stand so why if i start a new save is tunnel top right or top left? 

Is there not an option to change this please?

17 years ago
1 day ago

I believe they don't have licenses for stadiums which is why they're not accurate and why they're randomised for every save. If they were random but fixed to a certain position they might accidentally be correct which could infringe copyright, so they are randomised for every save to avoid this.

Deleted Account #1359833

for me, i ask me, why SI did not include stadium editor like konami did in last years games? i thought with the stadium editor konami did not get bans (crash license Settings).

why can not SI do that, include stadium editor?

why did they not communicate, “why” they did not include that, since years?

for me it is better (for more Overview and Guidance), why example that Stuff is actually not possible to include…


17 years ago
1 day ago

I think they have communicated at various points on the forums but obviously it gets lost over the years. Presumably you don't expect them to make videos and write blogs about which features AREN'T going in.

Deleted Account #1094108

It would become a 10-hour long video if they were to sum up everything that's missing in the game…

Deleted Account #1359833

True, there are so many Points, that are in the game, and are not in the Game.

10-hour Long Video for Points, that are not in the Game, funny @ BramNUFC:  🙂

i think, my Wish is so big, that i thought, damn, why did they not include that, because the modding scene community is so big, that they can make/include the features great  🙂



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