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Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun ! Probably one of the most intense starting situation ever in FM !


Gimpo FC - Wikipedia
A great logo is still important

Just promoted from K League 3 (champions!!!), the Seoul's east suburb club of Gimpo (formely Citizen) FC is in a very special situation when you will join them :

  • A wonderful transfert budget of 0 € (around 0 too in $ or £)
  • 90K€ for salary budget
  • 15 players under contract in your 1st team
  • 5 players under contract in the reserve and 0 in U18 team
  • your only staff will be the doctor… and yourself in the mirror !
  • and the joy of Korean leagues rules : 5 stangers, including 1 asian and 1 south east asian player (ASEAN) max !
  • 160 season memberships sales will make your rich for sure
  • If you start as a rookie coach, you add even more challenge to that (because it's never enough)
So much talent, and nobody to coach them !

Your priorities should be to recruit your assistant coach, and at least a recruiter to find some cheap (very cheap) players thanks to your amazing scouting range level (minimum), and some players in loans or free.


In my case I recruited the brasilian Raul (di orlando Barbosa Mendes),  Yaya Koné from Ivory Coast, Facundo Esposito from Argentina, Asnawi Mangkualam from Indonesia (ASEAN player) and maybe 7 south korean. Guess what, it's still very hard !
The idea is to sell some of them at the mercato, to bring some dineros a la casa, then stay in K League 2, join the first division the second year if possible, and bring the asian champions league on the side of the Han river estuary someday…

My choices


So are convince to take the road to the Gimpo stadium ?

Gimpo Stadium - football stadium - Soccer Wiki: for the fans, by the fans


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