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This database merges the Dutch and Belgian league systems into one stronger pyramid in an attempt to truly keep up with the big 4/5 leagues in Europe.


There are 3 playable levels with each level consists out of 20 teams with 12 of those being Dutch and 8 of those being Belgian. Classification is based on the finishing season tables of last season.


Small twist in this file is that draws don't exist anymore. If the score's tied after 90 mins a penalty shootout will decide a winner. One additional point will be awarded to the winner of the shootout (2) compared to the loser (1).


I'm currently planning to also make an alternative to this file in which both countries also keep their own league systems next to the BeNeLiga structure. Stay tuned for that!


This file is purely for fun. In real life I don't support the idea, but this file makes managing Dutch and Belgian sides a lot more interesting and should make it more competitive against the big leagues.


Lastly, I have made a donation page where people can donate to me if they like to. Don't feel obliged in any way. I purely/solely make these databases for fun and making them gives me a lot of joy 🙂. If you want to donate and if you can really miss it, feel free to do so 🙂


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Lars Rehse
1 year ago
2 months ago

Bro it doesnt work for me. When I try to select it in the Database options its says it has to be testet in the editor. Any help?


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