2 years ago
5 days ago

So i decided to take my own hand on trying to make a Dutch Football Pyramid EditorData, with the help of the fm22 file from TomIjssel (I dont know if the current creator is on this forum) and managed to get every team in their place, the lower league cups to qualify for the big national cup and get all the league rules in place, mainly cuz they were all set, i changed the name of the 4th tier to their new name, but then i run into an issue.


Every single time i try to run the rules, it reverts back to the starting file even tho i loaded the saved edited file, and this is my first ever time using the editor, can someone help me figure out the problem?


Edit: I now found out where to change some of the stuff, but now its giving me errors while i fixed them. I am very clueless now at what im doing wrong because it all is in the right places, with the right links and all the errors removed yet it keeps giving me errors.

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