We are going into the next round! After I already introduced you to the world of the most bizarre countries in the world with my editor knowledge in FM21 and FM22 (unfortunately not completely), it is now time to do the same in FM23. 81.5 hours of "playing time" in my Football Manager 2023 editor already and that can only mean one thing: the AroundTheGlobe megapack is growing and growing. Whether I'm reading the league rules of the Armenian league with my non-existent knowledge of Armenian or looking up the game mode of the football league in South Sudan on 14 different pages, there is always something to do. However, all this work is by no means pointless, because with my files I contribute to the level of education of quite a few FM users, because no one can tell me that they have never read up on the starting country of their FM save as if it were a doctoral thesis. But enough about me, you are not here because of my words, but because of my files. - The earth is round, so is football. Have fun with it. 😉


Introduction - Content

We have now arrived at FM23 and once again my goal is to make all countries of the six continents playable for you. A huge task, but one that can be mastered in any case thanks to my enjoyment of the editor. As in previous years, the files will be divided into three versions (see below). Also this year, there will be the well-known extra files, but this time already in version 1, version 2 (if these file(s) work) and also in version 3. Altogether, there will be more than 200 files again, which should bring the game enjoyment of the FM to the next level.


Confederation of African Football - Version 2

Asian Football Confederation - Version 2

Union of European Football Associations - Version 1

Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football - Version 3

Oceania Football Confederation - Version 2,5

Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol - Version 1


Now we come to the further drivel that so and so hardly anyone will read 😛

Realism is written in capital letters for me, because without realism the fun of the game suffers extremely and the FM is supposed to be fun.
In order to guarantee realism, all files have been and will be created in the extended rules of the editor (well, the basic rules can't do anything either ;D) and mainly contain changes in the following areas:

  • Squad registration rules (foreigner rules, age restrictions).
  • Realistic league formats, for example Apertura/Clausura and whatever else the football associations have come up with.
  • Realistic TV money*
  • Realistic prize money**
  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee) added
  • New clubs - if the researchers have messed up again
  • TV broadcasts added
  • Added academy leagues in countries where it is necessary (mainly Africa and Asia)

My work is still closely linked to that of @Daveincid. Its Megapack is fully compatible with mine and its use is highly recommended for ideal play fun.

* Real values when sources are available. Calculated values according to the average expenditure of a nation (wages etc.) to ensure that clubs are represented as realistically as possible financially.
** Real values when sources are available. Calculated similarly to TV money to ensure balance.






 Algeria - (D2)

 Angola - (D1)

 Benin - (D1)

 Botswana - (D1)

 Burkina Faso - (D2)

 Burundi - (D1)

 Cameroon - (D2)

 Cape Verde - (D1)

 Central African Republic - (D1)

 Chad - (D1)

 Comoros - (D1)

 Democratic Republic of the Congo - (D1)

 Djibouti - (D1)

 Egypt - (D2)

 Equatorial Guinea - (D1)

 Eritrea - No league

 eSwatini - (D1)

 Ethiopia - (D1)

 Gabon - (D1)

 Gambia - (D2)

 Ghana - (D2)

 Guinea - (D1)

 Guinea-Bissau - (D1)

 Ivory Coast - (D2)

 Kenya - (D2)

 Lesotho - (D1)

 Liberia - (D2)

 Libya - (D1)

 Madagascar - (D1)

 Malawi - (D1)

 Mali - (D1)

 Mauritania - (D1)

 Mauritius - (D1)

 Mayotte - (D2)

 Morocco - (D3)

 Mozambique - (D1)

 Namibia - (D1)

 Niger - (D1)

 Nigeria - (D1)

 Republic of the Congo - (D1)

 Réunion - (D1)

 Rwanda - (D1)

 São Tomé and Príncipe - (D1)

 Senegal - (D2)

 Seychellen - (D1)

 Sierra Leone - (D1)

 Somalia - (D1)

 South Sudan - (D1)*​​​​​

 Sudan - (D1)

 Tanzania - (D2)

 Togo - (D2)

 Tunisia - (D2)

 Uganda - (D1)

 Zambia - (D2)

 Zanzibar - (D1)

 Zimbabwe - (D1)


* D1 here is just a national cup from February to May every year.




 Afghanistan - (D1)

 Bahrain - (D2)

 Bangladesh - (D2)

 Bhutan - (D1)

 Brunei - (D1)

 Cambodia - (D2)

 Chinese Taipei - (D2)

 Guam - (D1)

 Hong Kong - (D4)

 India - (D2)*

 Iran - (D3)

 Iraq - (D2)

 Jordan - (D2)

 Kuwait - (D2)

 Kyrgyzstan - (D2)

 Laos - (D2)

 Libanon - (D2)

 Macau - (D3)

 Maldives - (D2)

 Mongolia - (D2)

 Myanmar - (D2)

 Nepal - (D3)

 North Korea - **

 Northern Mariana Islands - (D2)

 Oman - (D2)

 Pakistan - (D1)

 Palestine - (D2)

 Philippines - (D1)

 Qatar - (D2)

 Saudi Arabia - (D3)

 Singapore - No league added - D1 already in database

 Sri Lanka - (D1)

 Syria - (D2)

 Tajikistan - (D2)

 Thailand - (D3)

 Timor-Leste - (D2)

 Turkmenistan - (D1)

 United Arab Emirates - (D3)

 Uzbekistan - (D3)

 Vietnam - (D3)

 Yemen - No league

For India, I have created the entire league system from scratch meaning I’ve removed all of the default database changes created by Sports Interactive.

** The only current information known from North Korea is that the league is playing in the current season. However, there is no information on which teams are participating, etc. Therefore, it was decided to include two files in the pack. One file without any league and one file with a “fantasy league” (the latest information). In this way, everyone can decide for themselves which variant to use. ONLY ONE OF THE TWO FILES SHOULD BE LOADED!




Albania - (D3)

Andorra - (D2)

Armenia - (D2)

Azerbaijan - (D2)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - (D2)

Cyprus - (D3)

Estonia - (D3)

Faroe Islands - (D3)

Georgia - (D3)

Gibraltar - (D2)

Kazakhstan - (D2)

Kosovo - (D2)

Latvia - (D3)*

Lithuania - (D2)

Luxembourg - (D3)

Malta - (D2)

Moldova (D3)**

Montenegro - (D2)

North Macedonia - (D3) 

San Marino - (D1)


* - D1 was also recreated, as this is (unfortunately) not editable in the editor.
​​​** - B-teams were banned from D2 because the FM cannot cope with the mode otherwise.



Available from version 3




American Samoa - (D1)

Cook Islands - (D1)

Fiji - (D1)

Federated States of Micronesia - No league

Kiribati - No league

New Caledonia - (D1)

New Zealand - (D1)

Papua New Guinea - (D1)

Samoa - (D1)

Solomon Islands - (D1)

Tahiti - (D2)

Tonga - (D1)

Tuvalu - (D2)

Vanuatu - (D1)

Wallis and Futuna - No league




Bolivia - (D2)

Ecuador - (D2)

Paraguay - (D2)

Peru - (D2)*

Venezuela - (D2)


* D1 is already included in the Sports Interactive standard database.



Extra Files


Extra File from Version 1:

FIFA U-17 World Cup

with all 6 continental competitions (U17 European Championship, U17 Africa Cup of Nations, etc.) + qualifying tournaments of the continental competitions. 


Extra files from Version 2:

The Atlantic Cup

Mid-season cup played in Portugal - Wikipedia


Extra files from Version 3:

OFC Champions League

as it should be. 😉


Extra files from Version 3:





How to download Japan?

Just follow the thread of the magical @Robbles Quin ®™:


[FM23] JFA J.League Pyramid 2022 [NOVEMBER RELEASE]











29 November 2022 - Publication of version 1.

01 December 2022 - Hotfix 1.01 - You can find more information here.

17 February 2023 - Publication of version 2.

25 March 2023 - Publication of version 23.3 and Oceania.

03 April 2023 - Publication of version 23.4

Joel Micallef
4 years ago
1 week ago
By Luke Beadle 07 June 2023 - 18:57 PM UTC 

Any update on V3? USA here :-p


I'm waiting on the NA 3.0 version to finish my USA / Canada template to make sure it runs fine!

2 years ago
2 months ago
By maviarab 18 February 2023 - 12:41 PM UTC 

Yeah, it's an excellent file.  Be sure to join the discord as most of the files are only available there.  It's an excllent file and well worth getting.


Can you share the link to the discord please?

9 months ago
2 weeks ago

Hey Dave thanks a lot, great job, well done. 


I want to give you information and ask to update Azerbaijan league (First League). In season 22/23 there is a limit for a foreign players 7 and must be 4 local players (7+4) system and no limit (official info from league on their web site). There is no cap on any number of foreign players. The limit of foreign players in a match is no more than 7. Also no restriction with young players in starting squad. 


Hope you'll see.


Next season 23/2024 we will have not 10 but 12 teams. 

11 months ago
1 week ago

Damn the club I played for in Taiwan is in this file

1 year ago
3 months ago

I have a problem with the update which adds the U17 World Cup.


France U17 does not participate in the Euro U17 qualifiers (except the first season in 2023) and therefore cannot qualify for the Euro U17 and the World Cup U17.


Can someone check if the problem is present? You have to go look at the France U18 calendar and see if there are matches from the 2024 season for the Euro U17 qualifiers.

8 years ago
2 days ago

I have the same issue have attached some screenshots.


the strange thing i noticed was the name of the qualifying stage is in German.

1 year ago
3 months ago
1 year ago
3 months ago

Ok, in 2026, France U18 is include in qualif for Euro U17. I don't know why that works after 2 years without qualif.

3 months ago
2 months ago

The only current information known from North Korea is that the league is playing in the current season. However, there is no information on which teams are participating, etc. 

Yes there is:

2 years ago
1 hour ago
One league seems to be missing in Europe. Do you know which one it is? It is between Hungary and Ireland. I think it is Iceland
6 years ago
1 week ago
6 months ago
2 weeks ago

Any update on the lower leagues in USA to be added? Thank you!

6 months ago
2 weeks ago
By Joel Micallef 12 April 2023 - 17:22 PM UTC 

I'm Working on a USA database system, it won't be 100% accurate, I've take some liberties to clean up the mess.  The leagues will be 99% accurate and some added cups and full U19 youth systems.  The MLS, USLC, USL1, USL2 will all be as accurate as possible…  If your interested let me know!


very interested

omar thabet
2 months ago
2 months ago

how to put in the game im a bit lost

14 years ago
3 hours ago
By omar thabet 10 September 2023 - 14:13 PM UTC 

how to put in the game im a bit lost


The files must be placed in this directory without any sub-folders


C:\Users\your user name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\editor data


Then you should be able to select new nations and leagues.

6 months ago
2 weeks ago
By DaveTheEditor 03 April 2023 - 16:39 PM UTC 

If I am motivated or not is not the problem. The problem are my time resources right. But I will finish V3. 😉


Thanks for all your work, but is there any updates on Concacaf & lower USA leagues?

13 years ago
2 months ago

I cant run north macedonian league due to some error in div 3.

6 months ago
2 weeks ago

no update for concacaf?

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