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Please use this thread to provide information about people currently missing in the game. We will only add players where plenty of information is available, like their date of birth etc.


Currently added:


Taichi Fukui (Bayern Munich)

Davy Pröpper (Vitesse)

Shaqueel van Persie (Feyenoord)

Matthew Forbes (GK Coach)

Everaldo Stum (Bahia)

Dom Hill (Worcester)

8 years ago
4 months ago

can you please add Taichi Fukui? 

many thanks

7 years ago
3 weeks ago

Davy Propper please.

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@Normi @Vataa Added these 2 + Shaqueel van Persie

Will be included in tomorrow's update

8 years ago
52 minutes ago

hi mate, can you please add my son who is a youth gk coach


Matthew Forbes


born in Dundee

youth gk coach

12 years ago
4 days ago

The player Everaldo Stum does not appear in the database. He was in Kashima Antles, from Japan, but he was transferred, definitively, to Bahia (315), from Brazil.

Is it possible to add it?

1 year ago
1 year ago

Dom Hill (GK, 18) - Worcester City.

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@darrendazman @Masca @Dom_Hill Your requests have been done and will be included in tomorrow's update


I'd prefer not to do too many unknown people though, as it takes a fair bit of time. If you want to add people to your own game, you can very easily do so via the pre-game editor:


Open Steam and make sure that ‘Tools' is enabled here, the editor should then pop up somewhere in the list to download

Once you're in there it should start loading the database and then put you on this screen. The only thing you have to do is click on ‘People' here on the left

And then ‘Add' here down below

That way it will automatically create a person that you can modify completely. When you're done, click ‘File' in the top left and then ‘Save editor data as'. It will then create a .fmf file for you that can be put in your FM editor data folder to be used in the game.

12 years ago
4 days ago

@Drafter Players who work in Japan already exist in the database in a hidden way or is it necessary to create them?

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By Masca 01 February 2023 - 21:07 PM UTC 

@Drafter Players who work in Japan already exist in the database in a hidden way or is it necessary to create them?


As far as I know you have to completely recreate them, but there might be a way to import from older versions.


At least this Everaldo had not been in the game for like 5 years

Oskar Alstad
1 year ago
1 year ago
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By Oskar Alstad 03 February 2023 - 10:00 AM UTC 

How do you add players to FM23 database? 


It's explained a few comments above here

1 year ago
5 months ago

Can you add Adrian Przyborek pls

1 year ago
8 months ago

Where is Badiashile?








4 years ago
1 week ago

Vancouver Whitecaps FC have acquired Japanese goalkeeper Yohei Takaoka from reigning J1 League champions Yokohama F. Marinos the club announced already February 17, 2023. 


Name: Yohei Takaoka

Position: Goalkeeper 

Date of birth: 16.03.1996

Nationality: Japan 

Contract until: 31.12.2024

Contract option: club side 1 year

Additional Information: Yohei Takaoka - Player profile 2023 | Transfermarkt


As Yohei Takaoka has started the Vancouver Whitecaps FC season as the new first choice goalkeeper it would be great if he can be added to the FM database as well. 


Thank you in advance. 

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@ab1983 he will be included in the winter update

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