My personal FM23 tactic for Tottenham Hotspur 22/23. It's a fairly defensive tactic with a high press and and a higher defensive line, meant to grind out narrow wins vs the big clubs and kill the opposition offensive play by using pressing trap inside and if they got a deadly striker - use man marking with the BMW on the DM position. For this tactic to work, your team need a class DLF, propper attacking wing-backs, a solid CM on the support duty (good at going forward) and good WCB's. This is maybe not a tactic to use all season long, but a special tactic for those big games, where your team face a stronger foe.



Winner of FA Cup 22/23 (1-0 vs Man City), Champions League 22/23 (1-0 vs Real Madrid and Community Shield 23/24 (1-0 vs Man City).



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