3 years ago
3 months ago

Good evening everyone, my name is Francesco I opened this discussion because I have a strange problem with this folder that I didn't have before.

The problem is this:

After resetting the pc for various reasons, I reinstall the game with the addition of its components, faces, logos, etc ... I start a new career I check all the files of the 21.4.0 update and all are not corrupted but functional.

I continue, I select the team and I already know that the no fake of the team names doesn't work anymore.

I continue, I confirm the dortmound team and I notice that Haaland and Sancho are no longer there but Marlen and Hazard are in their place and then I find out that Haaland is at the bolton and Sancho I don't remember.

To try to understand the problem, I try every possible system and only in the end I discovered that the only way to solve this problem is to play without data editor when everything worked fine before.

So, the favor I ask if anyone had the same problem and solved it without problems?.


Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

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