Andreas Eriksson
11 months ago
10 months ago


First post for me here and I really need help with a very annoying thing. Maybe I post this in wrong forum section.


After FM23 got updated to 23.2 version I recognised that the view in the tactics page had change. I've tried to look for an option to change how things look but haven't find anything in settings. Now there only is a small small pitch (red circle in the picture bottom left) where you see your tactic with all players, before version update that pitch was much bigger and it was much easier to drag and drop players in every position and way more easy to see what players you got there. I'm using a Macbook M1 Pro 14inch. When I push the tactic right arrow button (upper left) the pitch get very big and get cover above the list of players (see picture nr 2), I don't got this problem before the update.  
I don't like at all how it is now after update! 
Is there any way to change how this page look? Please help!





17 years ago
2 weeks ago

Using pompey I see good lad!


Regarding your post i can't say ive noticed as i use a custom skin so dont see that. Have you tried ingame scaling at all to see if that would have any effect?



16 years ago
10 months ago

Surprised this wasn't answered already. In the upper left, on the green part, just click on the work Tactic and it will open up to the original wider view of the pitch. if you haven't figured this out already. 

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