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3D Kits are special kits designed to make the match engine look even better, with the players wearing customised and improved kits on the pitch.
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3D Kits

3 years ago
3 days ago

salve, volevo capire perchè ho disputato la bellezza di 8 partite sempre con la maglia home, nonostante ho affrontato squadre con maglie di colore simile, le altre 2 mie maglie (trasferta e terza maglia) mai viste in campo.

Qualcuno ha un'idea?

Parlo di FM 2023..



English “Hello, I wanted to understand why I played the beauty of 8 games always with the home jersey, despite having faced teams with jerseys of similar colour, the other 2 of my jerseys (transfer and third jersey) never seen on the field.

Does anyone have an idea?

I'm talking about FM 2023..”

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