Demonstrably the most accurate and realistic San Marino database for FM23. League and cups with accurate dates and format for 2022 and onwards based on presently available information online (in Italian and English). 


Includes 2 non-EU players rule, using the extinct CIS nationality as a workaround. AFAIK this is the only database to do this as it requires the elaborate workaround I've pioneered.


Step 1): Click the download link to the right

Step 2): Download logos

Step 3): Please rate on Steam if you're enjoying it

Step 4): Check out the rest of the TMC Megapack


I've also been using:

  • KITS from Fusion DB
  • Victor San Marino KITS from HHUK at the SI Games forums
  • FACES from Chicco at the SI Games forums (bottom of post)
Daniel Baggott
1 year ago
3 weeks ago

When I download it, the league has rules that arent there in the image shown like minimum san marino players in matchday squad any help thanks

The Modelcitizen
1 year ago
3 days ago

I believe that was an older image, the rules in the current download are accurate. Let me know if you notice any inconsistencies with the IRL rules (realism is the key here). Thanks for the feedback

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