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Hi, every year from about 2026 the youth intake seems to get worse to the point its just E across the board.  I've got top facilities and staff so not sure what else i can, i even tried changing HOYD for 2028 season and still poor intake preview.  It seems after the first few seasons youth intake is broken? Anyone else have this issue or have i done something to cause this.  Any advice would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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Yes same here. After few seasons I found newgens were pretty bad no matter what facilities and staff are. Especially because I like to play with FM Scout I discovered the best newgens was generated the first 2 seasons and that's it. Last week I saw a streamer show an excel sheet where numbers and CA/PA of newgens were summed into statistics. Well, from season 1 the numbers is decreasing years after years as well as CA/PA to find some newgens with 36 PA in 2030. Seems like this si scripted by the devs since most of the players not even play 15 seasons during a game so it's useless to generate thousands of newgens every year, it frees a bit of CPU on some very bad PC. 

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You're best to contact SI on their website and ask them the question. 

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