Based on the font used by Dortmund teams during the 2021/2022 season.


Installation Instructions:

Open 'Dortmund Numbers' folder
Copy 'Graphics' folder found within
Paste to the skin files found in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skins
Say 'Yes' to any overwriting files
Open FM23 and enjoy your new numbers!


NOTE: This only works with skins where you download the full folders and not just the .fmf file.


Credit to Wozzie for the #Tato23 skin used in the screenshots and to FLUT, as the number template came from his FLUT

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can indicate the font sizes they use to make the outlines of the characters. I want to make my own numbers but I don't know what sizes to use.


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By Tiberion 15 April 2023 - 23:05 PM UTC 

bayern please


I ha e 2x Bayern made on the SI community forums

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