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Good Evening fellow players…

I have a dream, that one day, English football will be more competitive with more randomness. More excitement, more pie and chips, and simply more more and even more something's. Imagine a club stuck in 8th place year after year in the Championship as it is now, then being able to compete at the very highest level in the following year with the potential for European Football. Having to concentrate on developing the youth team more than the first team, being able to have a league that just spews talent from lower leagues. 


The Current FA needs a new management team, they need a new structure, the Country depends on it, the fans deserve it. And the clubs need to flourish, not face financial ruin. The supporters aren't turning up because they are bored. 

So, how do we do it? We take the current structure, and rip it apart. We introduce a new idea, a new way of thinking, a new dynamic. 

We create a whole new world of English Football.

So, the English Football league being completely rocked, we add more divisions, more Cups, more games… but with some twists.
We Currently have EPL (20 teams, 38 games), Championship (24 teams, 46 games), League 1 & 2 (24 & 24)  92 Teams. For me, the maths just aren't quite right.


I want 16 Teams in a Division, but with a twist…. (Mwahaha)

Idea, all Divisions have 16 teams (8 Divisions, 128 Teams):

  • Elite Tier) English Elite Division
  • Elite Tier) English Premier
  • Tier 1) English L1
  • Tier 1) English L2
  • Tier 2) English L3
  • Tier 2) English L4
  • Tier 3) English L5
  • Tier 3) English L6

(Names to be decided, maybe English Apple Elite, English Apple Premier, Ford League 1 & 2, Sony League 3&4, or even more random. Sir Geoff Hirst Elite Division, The Gary Lineker Premier, Sir Bobby Charlton League 1 etc. this could simply be English Elite Division, English Premier, English League 1 etc. This isnt important right now (LOL))


The Season is set up in blocks, so the first 3 weeks, games are Sat & Wed, so we can get 6 games played early, then a league break and the individual Cup Comps are played, 2 weeks of games, Saturday and Wednesday again. 4 rounds of games. The Elite Tier is the only league to break for internationals. So the 2 weeks the international games are being played, the League continues with Sat and Wed.

A full Winter break from League games of 2 weeks starting second Sunday in January, well, almost 3 weeks (So break starts Sunday 8th Jan 23 and league games return Wednesday 1st Feb 23). This period of time, the Cup Comps are in full flow again, to get as many rounds covered so the Semi Finals and Finals can be completed in April and May. Rounds (every 3 days, so squad rotation is key) are Wednesday 11th, Saturday 14th, Tuesday 17th, Friday 20th, Monday 23rd, Thursday 26th & Saturday 28th the league continues. The Cup games are split, so you might have a Tier Cup on the first date, the FA on the second date, a league Cup on the third date, then back to a Tier Cup. Or you could have 2 Tier Cup games, then a FA, then a League Cup etc. This could be mixed up completely. We have 7 Cup dates to work with. The match day rules will be unique for clubs in Cup games, they must play a minimum of 4 under 23's, they must have 4 Homegrown players from Country, and 2 Homegrown from club. Again, this encourages rotation and the use of youth. 

The transfer window is same as it is, but Domestic transfers open when the transfer window closes for an extra 2 Weeks. But, (random time again), players cannot move between clubs in the same Tier, only via loan. SO Harry Kane cannot go to another Elite Tier club, but could be signed in Tier1 or below….. (Not sure this could be done in FM?!)


Season finishes on the 2nd to last Saturday in April with full week break before the cup, European and playoff games can finished and take place before the end of may. 


  • English Elite League starts the season with 32 Teams, split into 8 groups of 4. Top 2 teams go into the Elite Premier (8 teams) and the bottom 2 become just Premier. Then you have the 16 teams, 30 League games. (Max 36 League games overall, but a greater mix of teams to compete against. Fancy a Manchester derby at least 4 times in one season, they got each other in the group stage, finished top 2 places and then played again in the Elite Division twice. This is just the league games. I haven't mentioned the Cup games…


  • Elite Division ends with 1st place crowned Champions and joins the next 7 clubs to playoff for European Qualification, 2 groups of 4, top 2 qualify from each group for Euro. 3rd place in each qualify for Euro Vase… So even though they are Champions, they might not qualify for Euro Champs League if they finish 4th in the group…. So a Super Cup is introduced (explain later)


  • Bottom 8 Clubs, from both Elite and Premier playoff for relegation via a group stage. (4 groups of 4) bottom team from each group go down to Tier1 L1. (Here's another random bit) So effectively, a team finishing initially in 9th place, could get relegated out from Either Elite or Premier by being bottom of the group… Damn, that's Harsh… 

So next season, those 4 clubs promoted join the Elite tier, and join the group stage to see if they are Elite Division, or Premier Division.


  • All Divisions BELOW the Elite tier, are 4 down and 4 up. 2 Automatic promotions and relegations, and again, a group stage of 4 teams, bottom 2 go down, (or for promotion) top 2 go up. This keeps the flow moving. (So 1st and 2nd go up. 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th face off. and at the other end, 16th & 15th auto relegated, 14th, 13th, 12th & 11th face off) 


TV Money is £400m split for Elite, £200m, split for Premier, Tier 1 will get 150m, Tier 2 gets 100m, and Tier 3 we will be generous, they will get 100m

Prize Money, now this would be based on league position, but i want to mix it up again. 1m for a win, 300k for a draw and nothing for a loss. So it pays to win games, win all league games and potential to net 30m just on wins. Now add the prize money for League finish, 100m for 1st place, then 75% of that for 2nd place, 75% of 2nd place for the 3rd placed team and so on…. (Again, this could do with some more though)

The Prize money and TV revenue will help the clubs have a bigger squad size and the wages etc.



Cup Competitions (Again, names to be decided):

  • FA Cup (Knockout Style - All Game teams, the Tier3 and above enter at Round 3 etc as similar to current setup, so those non league teams can still have a chance LOL). 
  • League Cup (Knockout Style - All teams from Tier3 and above, random draw)
  • Super Cup (Group Stage Style - Euro qualifier, teams involved are: Winner of Elite Div, Winner of Premier Div, Winner of FA Cup, Winner of League Cup (where one club has won more than one of these, the runner up is pulled in), this is a group stage with Home and Away games, and the Top 2 qualify for Europe. Prize money is massive for this, Top gets £50m, 2nd gets £30m, 3rd gets £20m and bottom club gets £15m
  • English Champions (Cup Winners Cup) Trophy: Knockout Style - Winner of FA Cup, League Cup, Super Cup & Elite Cup. Random draw. Winner just gets prize money and a Trophy. 
  • Elite Cup: 32 Teams, Knockout Style
  • Tier 1 Cup: 32 Team, Again Knockout
  • Tier 2 Cup: As Elite and Tier1
  • Tier 3 Cup: As tier 1 etc


Now, more randomness applied here, Winner of Tier 3 Cup, gets promoted to Tier 2 L4, winner of Tier 2 cup gets promoted to Tier 1 L2. and the 5th place team from bottom from those 2 divisions,(L4 and L2) get relegated to where the winners came from, so imagine being 13th Tier 3 L2, winning the Cup, getting promoted 2 divisions whilst a club sitting happy 5th from bottom of Tier 2 L2 now playing 2 divisions down…. (Not sure if this would actually work in FM, but one hell of an idea) 


Now, some even more randomness, ALL teams have a First Team and Under 23's teams. The Squads can have a 30man first team, but must be able to include 2x U23 players and 2 Homegrown Country and 1 Homegrown Club player in the matchday team. 4 subs from 9,  

The Under 23's cannot have anybody over 23 in the squad/team. Strictly for under 23's. No more 1st Team, Reserve team and Under 18's teams. Just a First Team and a U23 Team.


U23 teams are placed in a leagues drawn at random, groups of 8 again, but seeded. so each Division will have 1 team in each group. Top 4 from each group then get grouped in another group of 8 and the bottom 4 get grouped. So this opens up some more game time to keep players playing. Match rules are simple, match day squad must include 6 players under 19. 11 Subs allowed from 11, so half time could swap the whole team if you wanted. Match days are Sundays and Thursday's, so you could have some players in your 1st team that are able to play for the under 23's, they didn't play on Saturday, but could play on the Sunday etc. 


All English teams are encouraged to promote youth, so all clubs have their youth ratings and facilities maxed this includes the current Vanarama clubs, the youth development is the priority for all clubs. 


Prize monies given to clubs can vary, so maybe 100k for winning each Cup game, 50k for losing. Or maybe 100k for just being in the round. the money goes up by 25k each round perhaps. This I haven't really though through yet as i can see the rich getting richer and the lower, not so secure teams becoming worse off.


TV, this is a whole new ball game, the New FA Management team, now actively promotes streaming, so all games play on Saturday at 1500hrs and Wednesday 2000hrs. Games are selected for “Satellite TV" aren't moved days, just times. So 1300hrs, 1500hrs 1700hrs and 2000hrs on Saturdays, and 1800 and 2000hrs for Wednesdays.  On Saturdays, Rival matches are selected to be played at 1700hrs (Saturday only), Top teams are selected for the 2000hrs showing and all others are picked at random. This rule applies ALL the way down the divisions. So new Broadcaster BLUESKY TV has set their sports channels for each Division. The Elite Tier at the beginning will have the matches double up, so 2 TV games at 1300hrs, 2 at 1500hrs etc. TV money is relative for the Tier the games are in, so perhaps 250k Elite Tier, Tier 1 gets 200k, Tier 2 is 150k and maybe Tier 3 showings get 100k. Teams will be televised equally over the year, so Liverpool aren't shown live at 1700hrs every Saturday…… Esp as Streaming is encouraged. All proceeds go to the clubs being streamed… (I have nothing against Liverpool being live every week btw).


So, the current league finishes, and their final league position determines where they will now be placed as the new structure is applied. The top 12 teams in the Championship join the current premier league teams. No promotion or relegation to start. Champions are crowned accordingly as they say farewell to the “old world”. The Chairmen of each club is now looking at the club's bank balance and trying to work out the new wage budget to allow his manager to succeed, he knows this new format can bring riches to the club, he knows this exciting new phase will be lucrative for everybody.



PLEASE, I am screwed when trying to create this in the editor, I simply do not know my way round it to create it as I am basically reassigning the English teams to a new league, but unable to work out how to create this…. I have the idea, but no idea. LOL If any FM'ers fancy attempting this, i would be eternally grateful.

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