I have created a new format for the UEFA Super Cup. There are now 4 teams included instead of 2. The tournament now consists of the Winners and Runners-Up of the Champions League, Winners of the Europa League and Winners Of the Europa Conference League. The draw is fixed where the Winners of the Champions League play the Winners of the Europa Conference League and the Winners of the Europa League play the Runners-Up of the Champions League.


For 2022 the teams and fixtures are fixed so:


Real Madrid [UEFA Champions League Winners]  V  Roma [UEFA Europa Conference League Winners]

Eintracht Frankfurt [UEFA Europa League Winners] V Liverpool [UEFA Champions League Runners-Up]


The dates these fixtures take place are as follows;


August 9th and 10th  -  Semi-Finals

August 16th  -  Third-Place Play Off

August 17th  -  Final


A number of Host Nations from Europe are included so I have separated dates to incorporate any problems if the Host nation use the same stadium for all fixtures.


From 2023 the same draw rules apply as 2022 above.


Please enjoy and you have any questions please get in touch 


14 years ago
4 hours ago

hi my friend this format is failed semi final winners plays  Third-Place Play Off , Losers play Final in the game, update and correct this file please

13 years ago
5 hours ago

There was an error in this file where the losers went into the final. Updated to 1.1 to correct. My apologies for this.

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