I've noticed a slight flaw with the B Teams, once it's fixed I'll update the new file 


The Old Firm have been invited to the English League System:


• Both teams and their U18s/21s fully removed from all Scottish competitions and entered in relevant English ones. With their ‘B’ Teams now defunct.
• Barrow and Harrogate went extinct in order to facilitate the move (so no direct swapping with English teams as I've seen in other DBs)
• Rangers finances adjusted to reflect balance noted (as of June’22) as per last AGM (£13m approx.) (Celtic’s balance in game is already approx. that of their last AGM data) 
• Both teams have been removed from European Competition for season 22/23. European places have now been redistributed based on last season’s standings, so Hearts & Dundee Utd in Champions League etc.
• Both teams will qualify for European competitions through the English league system once promoted.
• I used pr0's FMTU winter update along with my DB so that the 2023 January window transfers are in place.
• Players who showed as 'Trained in Nation' for 'Scotland' have had that transferred over to 'England' so they can fulfil squad registration rules.


I am by no means an expert when it comes to the FM Editor, so please let me know of any errors you may find or any improvements you may think of. Hope you enjoy my work!

Deryk Smith
2 months ago
2 months ago

How do I load this. I am a complete Luddite that has played the game since the beginning 😂🤣

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