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New submissions have been disabled following the release of the official 23.3 update. A new official 23.4 update will be released in a few weeks and we will resume updating after this.


For those of you who are new and don't understand. When SI release an update we reset our update and start updating the official one otherwise the transfers we make and the transfers SI make can clash and cause bugs. The winter update comes in 2 parts, the one released today (23.3) and another one in 2 or 3 weeks (23.4) which covers some leagues whose transfer window and leagues finish a little later.


We pause for updating for now otherwise we'd either have to reset when 23.4 is released or spend alot of time trying to debug clashes in transfers both us and SI made

So for now, everyone just gets a break for March.


The plan is to be back the last week of March, but it totally depends on when 23.4 is released and my free time.


Big thank you to everyone who contributed so far this year 👏👏👏


Here's some stats on number and submissions and number of contributors for each year. 


FM15.0 - 9,488 submissions from 353 people.
FM15.3 - 29,629 submissions from 508 people.
FM16.0 - 14,243 submissions from 299 people.
FM16.3 - 47,972 submissions from 532 people.
FM17.0 - 17,929 submissions from 287 people.
FM17.3 - 56,850 submissions from 918 people.
FM18.0 - 27,943 submissions from 461 people.
FM18.3 - 60,686 submissions from 983 people.
FM19.0 - 23,251 submissions from 414 people.
FM19.3 - 68,025 submissions from 796 people.
FM20.0 - 24,905 submissions from 376 people.
FM20.4 - 71,914 submissions from 824 people.
FM21.0 - 14,900 submissions from 323 people.
FM21.4 - 62,082 submissions from 532 people.
FM22.0 - 31,392 submissions from 344 people.
FM22.4 - 71,352 submissions from 666 people.
FM23.0 - 36,193 submissions from 363 people.


The most people we ever had contribute was the Summer Update for FM20 with 824. Covid probably has alot to do with that.


Lets see if we can beat that when we come back 🙂

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