What if the Socceroos qualified for the World Cup in 1998 and the NSL never disbanded? What if Australia never left Oceania?

Well, this fantastic book has been written with an alternate history of the game in Australia -

Taking inspiration from the book I have created an Alternate Soccer Timeline for Australia - one where Danny Townsend can't sell the Grand Final from under the fans and one that seemingly has a brighter future.

I'd suggest you buy and read the book for greater context - but even if you don't, I hope the database provides lots of fun.

What's included -
• National Soccer League with 16 teams
• National Second Division with 14 teams
• National Youth League (u20)
• Promotion and Relegation
• Australia Cup
• Revamped Oceania Champions League
• Australia in Oceania comps - not Asia
• History update for players, clubs and comps to reflect all the above (should be little to no trace of the A-League clubs that "never existed" in this timeline)
• Stadium Updates to reflect the alternate history
• Logos & Kits (highly recommend to use so everything in game looks right - I've over-written some A-League clubs so their licenced logos/kits will show without applying these).

I encourage any feedback - good or bad 



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