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Hello guys!



I am very confused about what is the best way to go about training schedules because I've read opposite opinions! I was with the idea to download a costume schedule made by some experienced player but then someone told me the opposite and I got confused. 


An experienced user said to me on reddit that if I have a good Assistant Manager I should give him the responsibility of programming the schedules.

He told me that the costume made schedules to plug and go are one size fits all and often give more problems than benefits. He also said the team should not repeat the same schedules over and over again every week.


The Ass Man works directly with the players and chooses a different schedule for every week to better fit the squad necessities.


For costume made schedules - the only person that actually tests and compares the results of his schedules is Max from EBFM - but this reddit user said to me that even if Max schedules are great to improve CA - are not so complete to create a good player all around that may be excellent for his role… So the Ass Man is still a better solution!



So do you guys support Ass Man or costume schedules and why?



I also would like to read opinions about U18 training schedules.


It's a fact that for players under 18 years old the training is more important than winning matches but if we give the responsibility of the schedules to the Ass Man he will not take this information in consideration and still focus on winning matches.


For example I would not do match previews or reviews on the U18 and use those slots for more attributes training. What do you guys think about that?

This is a hard one - from all the costume schedules I saw online, only Zealand makes U18 schedules without game previews and reviews. All the other users still do those training sessions. Why? Are those important for attribute development or just for winning matches?



I would like to read more opinions and have a healthy debate about all of this!


Thank you very much!

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