1 year ago
7 hours ago

I remembered recently some skin had this option. Now I reloaded all the skins I have been using and none of them have that option anymore. It just a Heart and a Thump Up now.  What happened?


Tommy Hughes
11 years ago
57 minutes ago

I believe the percentage had been left out (for realism's sake?) in the default skin. I use the Flut skin and it does show the percentages.



13 years ago
6 months ago

I keep seeing messages on the web like this where people say a skin (like Flut or Vince) already shows percentages.


I've tried both skins and the percentages are not there. I even tried to export my FM22 tactics screen (which shows percentages) into FM23, and it imported the view but with the percentages column missing. There is no “Overall Physical Condition/Match Sharpness” column to choose from the menus, either.


What am I missing here? Why is it showing up by default for everyone else, but not for me? How do I make them show up correctly?

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