The Alternate Universe mod is now here!

Starting in the year 1990 with a completely fictional pool of players and staff, the alternate universe mod allows you to completely rewrite history over the course of 32 years of football as real players generate throughout the years.

The download has a save file for each year from 1990 to 2023 so you can pick up with whichever year you like. You don't have to download them all.


The download also includes the Editor Data files if you want to have a play yourself in “Database”

Installation instructions

Move the downloaded file to your "games" folder:

Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/games

2. Open Football Manager 2023 > Load Game > Select the year you which to load

3. Add your manager and select the club you want to manage.


This mod is just one of a number of releases I have planned so watch this space and thank you for your continued support

Please report any mod issues at one of my socials

Miłosz Skorupa
10 months ago
5 days ago

i can't load save

7 months ago
7 months ago

it doesnt load

9 years ago
2 days ago

Love the idea, congratulations! Sadly I have the same issue, I just can't load the game, @MrTini23 do you know why? Thanks a lot and sorry for bothering

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