Just Skin 2023

First and foremost I would like to thank the skinning community on the SI forums for all their amazing work and help in the making of this skin

Introducing my first attempt at making a skin, The Just Skin 2023 edition. A dark skin that uses blue, purple and pinks to compliment the overall theme.

I have worked hard on trying to include features that people have suggested and will be looking to add thins I find reasonable (Take the hidden attributes smiley face button on player profiles) IF you have a request feel free to message me or get intouch on twitter @howie182

The skin works better at higher resolutions I play on 1920*1080 @ 85% zoom resolution, and have tested on my victus 15 laptop at the same settings with no resolution issues. I cannot guarantee anything below will display the way it is intended.





Just Skin Features

So what's it all about?

[*] Get the most from your tactics screen! many useful tabs added to the re designed tactics screen.
[*] MODS (limited) like attribute boxes? want to see a secret button that reveals hidden attributes on a player profile(editor required)? check out the MODS folder (more to come at a later date)
[*] A hidden, hidden attributes panel that smiley face you see on the player profile screen is used to reveal hidden attributes in the adjacent cell (don't click if you don't want it spoiled may turn this into a mod)
[*] Custom views throughout the skin for the views I use, most include player pictures!
[*] Background selector for those who like a little more colour / backgrounds (recommend full cycling as the transparency is a little buggy)
[*] Tabs everywhere! for me the game needs more at your finger tips tabs have been put in many places to try and reduce the amount of clicks needed. 
[*] Customisable scouting centre (previously you couldn't alter what you see now you have the option to add things you find important)
[*] Complete overhaul of most pages presenting you with more information in places lacklust in the base skin.
[*] Key attributes drop down boxes present in most places to try and help you determine player retrainability!
[*] Much more in depth scouting cards (will eb re visiting this area again soon) both in the inbox and in the scouting centre.
[*] Changes to inbox panels (so you don't see the squished up stuff the default has issues with) and also customised / changed news items.
[*] Colour overhaul including removal of most Transfer deadline day colours
[*] Subtle Match day changes including the match tablet (more to come here with the line up / primary coloured stuff being pulled)




16th August

  • MOD added for reverting to STARS not circles (renamed and tidied some of the instructions up in general)
  • Few new panels on the player screen (more to come couldn't fit them in in time)
  • FIX hidden attributes pop-up should hopefully work now (sorry).
  • Team reports / stats (in squad planner) fixed and updated (thanks GIMN)
  • NEW! social feed! there is currently an issue when trying to open certain articles in the news feed for continents which I will look to address over the weekend.
  • NEW! continenent page revamped! now includes award panel for each continent (world has ballon d'or etc) same issues with news panels will look to address!
  • Scouting views update to include world rep, and all views slightly resized to hopefully better fit!
  • Match day fixes and updated panels (pre match, team talk, instant result pop-up) my apologises for not addressing the ugliness of some of the panels and none populating panels! I hope this update makes up for this.
  • Over 50 QoL changes made and code trims.


9th August 

  • MOD added to have normal colours for morale/ condition.
  • More panel reworking done to try and make the game adaptible to lower resolutions / scaling
  • Awards panel & reworked season preview in the competitions page incase you want to view Ligue 1's goal of the month while managing a team in Vanarama southern league.
  • Reworked scout cards (there's a spacing issue so a new tab for positions, role and squad comparison has been added to compensate)
  • New base stadium added so if you're in a new ground or don't use a pack you get to stare at the Etihad now enjoy!
  • Probably a few things I am missing mentioning so I'm going to say more purple and QoL changes made


6th August

  • Quick tidy of some redundant panels and miscolouring's
  • Switch buttons are now blue when selected for visibility
  • apologise I though the DL link was direct to media fire and updates haven't been going live here I have updated the DL link


2nd August

  • Over 100 lines of code remove, optimised the rest of the code in the tactics screen and both match day and tactics page tactics show same information.
  • Reworks on panels to try and better adjust to lower resolutions
  • Coding repathing to reduce size of panels / fixes to previous pathing changes which left blank spaces
  • Carousel city/ stadium on club page
  • Profile Tweaks // formatting of panels tidied.
  • Due to some personal issues the frequency of updates may not be as often, I will try to fix any major issues that are picked up

28th July HOTFIX

  • Hot fix to tactics screen during pre season // there is some experimental work in here I haven't fully tested yet but this will fix the tactics screen for now.
  • Because of this you will notice even more tactics screen tabs with more information available to you.
  • As I have been testing reducing the size of the skin there may be other issues that have cropped up I have missed (easy fixes with the just/graphics/boxes) but note I have also been restructuring the file paths and removing redundant panels and may have inadvertently removed something useful in the process. Please if you find any issues let me know, apologises for any issues they may have caused 
  • NEW! match day lineup preview panels

26th July

  • Changes to left tab on player profile to better fit information
  • Tactics screen rework, more information available on the same screen through tabs
  • fixed some team views that showed inconsistency's
  • QoL spacing fixes
  • (Attributeless didn't make it this patch nor did % condition as there is alot of changes needed to facilitate these I overlooked (extra files needed for all mods)



All credits go to the people who have helped make this skin possible whether it's allowing the use of your work, input or just general feedback. Thank you!


  • GIMN & Mustermann Skin wow! Thank you for everything in the last few months! without you I would never have kept going. You have supported, helped and allowed me the use of some of your work. This community is blessed to have someone as creatively brilliant and collectively kind and helpful as yourself.
  • Keysi for the club finances snapshot.
  • bluestillidie00 and their amazing WTCS5 skin for the use of some of their panels, and the support on twitter (honestly made my week).
  • _ben_ and their amazing Statman skin for the use of panels, and occasional advice.
  • Wozzie for their beautiful and amazing Tato skin which I picked and pulled out for weeks / months and the use of panels.
  • FME Skin for some panels used.
  • michaeltmurrayuk the amount of times I have opened one of your threads, Blog and your skin is unreal.
  • snowofman for alot of help both in the early days of me playing about with things and just being there on the forums not only for myself but everyone!
Just Howie
1 year ago
4 hours ago

Few extra fixes posted caused by patching issues / not changing IDs (match day) 

21:52 2/8/2023

10 years ago
1 week ago

hi, great work! i wouldn't even know where to start! is this ok to use for a 4k setup?

Just Howie
1 year ago
4 hours ago
By thefathouege 19 August 2023 - 08:00 AM UTC 

hi, great work! i wouldn't even know where to start! is this ok to use for a 4k setup?

I haven't tried it in 4k I can imagine you might need to increase the size of the fonts though


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