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Steve Lepescheux
1 week ago
6 days ago

Hi everyone !


I try to create 4 leagues with more than 1000 teams through EU and 5 levels of division for each league. This part works well and you can see a screenshot of the firsts divisions (I know I should do a version without Russian clubs, and we can debate about the distribution of the teams, but it's not the main point here):


For each league, I have created a database based on an existing country:

  • France for League A
  • Spain for League B
  • Germany for League C
  • Italy for League D


I have a created a 5th database to modify UEFA rules (champions, europa & conference) and created an additionnal competition which looks like the old C2: 256 teams from the 4 leagues playing in knockout rounds.



  • wrong teams are qualified in the end of the season for UEFA competitions
  • the new UEFA competition doesn't work too


I've tried multiple methods but it still don't work (I have merged the db of leagues with the Europeran one in order to affiliate correctly the clubs to their new country, but still doesn't work…)


Does someone understand the problem and could help me to fix it ?

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