Takistan From Arma Ported as a fictional league into fm




  • Takistani Premier League
  • Takistani Reserve League
  • Takistani U19 Premier League




  • Takistani FA Cup
  • Takistani Supercup
  • Takistani Cup
  • Takistani Reserve Cup
  • Takistani U19 Cup


Takistan Has Only 2 Competitive Teams As Being a Lower Developed State, They Didnt Have Enough Money To Fund Multiple But They Could Fund 2 Teams From Bandar-e Ghazmi Which is a Port City


Takistan Is Located On The Coast of the Green Sea And On The Border with Russia, Ardistan, Chernarus, Karzeghistan


Remember to Enable Add players to playable teams and disable do not add key staff.



takistan map



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