13 years ago
22 hours ago

A more visible and enjoyable ball.


I made it myself and wanted to share as the default is not that visible.


Put the attached files in : …/documents/footballmanager24/art/sharedtextures/matchicons . Do not create another folder to put the attached files in. Just put them in the last folder i wrote which is match_icons. Never delete the ball shadow png. I do not know where i found it so do not delete that file.


After you put the attached files into the above directory , start the game ..go to preferences , from the drop down menu select interface tick reload skin and untick cache loading , clear cache and confirm/reload skin.







13 years ago
1 month ago

Good idea but are you able to make the ball smaller than the original as I've always found it slightly too large in comparison to the 2D players.


I've no idea how to do it myself 😀


Flavio Perrone
3 years ago
1 month ago

Exactly, can you help me please? Where is the ball by default? For years I have been looking for a solution to put the ball by default in leagues that do not have it, it seems extremely big to me and it literally ruins my game. Basically I want to set the default ball for all leagues. Greetings!

14 years ago
1 week ago

Where is the download option 

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