Before starting the game, you must delete the following files.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2024\data\database\db\2400\dbc\permanent

j league non player.dbc

For instructions on how to delete files, refer to the following webpage.
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Update 14/4/2024
24.4 supported

Update 18/3/2024
Players DB added
Players Contract fixed
Some fixed 

Update 4/3/2024
24.3 version supported.
J.League & JFL 2024 Real fixtures (League schedule only)

Update 30/12/2023
Univ CUP added
University Club reputation fixed
Some fixed

Update 16/12/2023
Participating club correction for 2023 CWC (Urawa Reds)
Some bug fixed

Update 4/12/2023
Some bug fixed


Update 28/11/2023
Comp added
Regional League Div.2
Pref. League Div.1
Club Team Soccer Championship


Fixed some bugs

Update 20/11/2023
J.League & JFL 2023 Real fixtures (League schedule only)
Univ. League Added.
Univ. Cup Added.

Update 13/11/2023
U18 Cup Added.
Fixed some bugs

(1) League
Regional League

Emperor's Cup
Levain Cup
Fujifilm Super Cup
All Japan Adults Footall Tournament
Kanto League Ichihara Cup
Kansai League Cup
Chibagin Cup
Ibaraki Soccer Festival

(University League)
University League Div.1

(University Cup)
Prime Minister's Cup
Inter College

(U-18 League)
U-18 Premier League
U-18 Prince League

(U-18 Cup)
Club Youth Soccer Tournament
J Youth league
Inter High School Championship
High School Soccer Tournament

(2) Note
Rules for all tournaments are as similar to real life as possible.
Also supports changes in the number of teams that will occur in the 2024 season.
Corrected obvious mistakes in match rules.






15 years ago
15 hours ago

Problem with this DB, with all the high schools and universities added, the amount of youth players Japan gets is insane, close to nations like Brazil or France. I know Japan is doing better and better in terms of player development, but this is just insane levels. A lot of high schools and universities with exceptional youth intake.

5 years ago
1 week ago
By uknownick 01 April 2024 - 18:52 PM UTC 

Hey I have added 5 more cut out faces for the missing new transfers - 


Leo Gomes - Jubilo Iwata

Welton Paragua - Gamba Osaka

Guilherme Parede - Kashima Antlers

Aleksandar Cavric - Kashima Antlers

Ze Ricardo - Kawasaki Frontale


They were already in the main Cut Out pack but under different UIDs. So I found them and renamed the UIDs. 


Also it seems Welton, Parede and Cavric have CB as their positions. And Leo Gomes, DM, has ST as one of his playable positions. Not sure if it is just me.


Parede and Cavric , Leo Gomes etc

I fixed it.

7 months ago
1 month ago
By uknownick 04 April 2024 - 13:46 PM UTC 

Problem with this DB, with all the high schools and universities added, the amount of youth players Japan gets is insane, close to nations like Brazil or France. I know Japan is doing better and better in terms of player development, but this is just insane levels. A lot of high schools and universities with exceptional youth intake.


that wouldnt be my concern as im intending to do an asia only save. 

cant get through the logic of the editor though. i added universities to 8th tier, them to be the corresponding level in the pyramid, saved it, verified it, the university league is shown to be present when you setup the game but when i create a coach and want to take over any theres no choice of any of the universities or even the league it said it would be there. anywy ill keep trying doing this until i understand

Wynn Ong
1 year ago
2 months ago

Hey OP, I've followed the instructions but when i try to start a new game, Japan cant be loaded. Do you know why?


I've also deleted the following files:

j league non player.dbc


Thank you in advance

5 years ago
2 weeks ago

in my save , why i can't see any foreign player in Kashiwa Antners?

18 years ago
12 hours ago

Hey @Dosukoi would you mind if I bundled this file directly into our data update? Alot of people keep asking about Japanese transfers 🙂

13 years ago
6 hours ago

Hi !

Just before begin my career in Japan, I took a look at the stadiums :


New name :

(Old → New (ID)

Osaka Stadium -> Panasonic Stadium Suita (45098716)
Sapporo Stadium -> Sapporo Dome (776297)
Ibaraki Stadium -> Kashima Soccer Stadium (102577)
Kashiwa Reysol Stadium -> Sankyo Frontier Kashiwa Stadium (107295)
Kawasaki Stadium -> Uvance Todoroki Stadium by Fujitsu (102566)
Machida Stadium -> Machida GION Stadium (780799)
Kyoto Stadium -> Sanga Stadium by Kyocera (2000342655)
Nagoya Stadium -> Toyota Stadium (775189)
Edion Stadium Hiroshima -> Edion Peace Wing Hiroshima (102574)
Urawa Stadium -> Saitama Stadium 2002 (780795)


Ninjinieer Stadium -> Ningineer Stadium (776296)
Fujieda Stadium -> Fujieda Soccer Stadium (783297)
Oita Bank Dome -> Resonac Dome Ōita (107304)
Umakana Yokana Stadium -> Egao Kenko Stadium (776294)
Akita Stadium -> Soyu Stadium (783281)
Yamaguchi Stadium -> Ishin Me-Life Stadium (783313)
Tochigi-ken General Sports Park Athletics Stadium -> Kanseki Stadium Tochigi (2000342656)
Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium -> NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium (102568)
Naruto Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium -> Pocari Sweat Stadium (3900720)
Iwaki Greenfield -> Hawaiians Stadium Iwaki (45004482)


Hachinohe Stadium -> Prifoods Stadium (45095290)
Morioka Stadium -> Iwagin Stadium (45004385)
Toho Min-nano Stadium -> Toho Stadium (783282)
Matsumoto Stadium -> Sunpro Alwin (783290)
Nagano Stadium -> Nagano U Stadium (45008921)
Numazu Stadium -> Ashitaka Park Stadium (783296)
Gifu Stadium -> Gifu Nagaragawa Stadium (3902243)
Nara Stadium -> Rohto Field Nara (783307)
Marugame Stadium -> Pikara Stadium (783314)
Imabari Stadium -> Imabari Satoyama Stadium (2000254960)
Kitakyushu Stadium -> Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu (45089258)
Higashiosaka Stadium -> Hanazono Rugby Stadium (2000183530)
Koyu Stadium -> Ichigo Miyazaki Shintomi Football Stadium (2000064546)
Okinawa Stadium -> Tapic Kenso Hiyagon Stadium (783223)


Suzuka Sports Garden -> Mie Suzuka Sports Garden (783299)
Urayasu Sports Park Athletic Stadium -> Briobecca Urayasu Stadium (45094944)
Honda Miyakoda Soocer Ground -> Honda Miyakoda Soccer Stadium (107292)
Haruno Sports Park Athletic Stadium -> Kochi Haruno Athletic Stadium (783315)
Kanazawa City Stadium -> Kanazawa Go Go Curry Stadium (2000296803)
Nunobiki Sports Park Athletic Stadium -> Nunobiki Green Stadium (45033706)
Hikone General Sports Park Athletics Stadium ->  Heiwado Hato Stadium (2000318648)
New Aomori Sports Park Athletic Stadium -> Kakuhiro Group Athletics Stadium (45105194)
Hirakata General Sports Centre Athletic Stadium -> Tamayura Athletic Stadium (45085590)
Toin-cho Sports Park Athletic Stadium -> LA.PITA Toin Stadium (45082617)
Oita Athletic Stadium -> J-Lease Stadium (783321)


New existing stadiums

Iwaki FC
OLD Futaba Stadium (790027)
NEW Hawaiians Stadium Iwaki (45004482)


Zweigen Kanazawa
OLD Kanazawa Stadium (783293)
NEW Kanazawa Go Go Curry Stadium (2000296803)


Criacao Shinjuku
OLD Komazawa Olympic Park Athletic Stadium (775559)
NEW Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka (107299)


New Stadium 

Maruyasu Okazaki
→ Maruyasu Okazaki Ryuhoku Stadium
34.980725, 137.188486


1 year ago
2 days ago

Hello! Thankyou very much for making this database! I am very soon about to start a save using your japan league system, when looking through teams i decided that the team i want to use is 'Moriyama Samurai 2000' however i noticed that this team is not complete yet ( club attendance, wage structure and badge) and so i decided to use the FM Editor 2024 ( not the ingame editor) to quickly add the badge aswell as give the players some wage, however when i load up the editor data whenever i try to verify files there seems to be an error with the JFL league ( even if i do not not make any file changes and so i cannot verify the file to be able to use it with Moriyama Samurai 2000 completed) Im just contacting to please ask if you may know of a way i can fix this? thanks and sorry for using some of your time!

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