I've created an example Config.xml file to use as a base when adding your own graphics into the game.


The file covers, people, clubs, competitions, nations, confederations and media and aims to give an example format for all eventualities.


There is an accompanying YouTube video which I will link to here to further explain how to use this file.



If you know of anything missed or an alternative method please let me know. I've tested each element,  but if you find something doesn't work please share as well and I will investigate when I can.

5 months ago
1 day ago

Thanks, really helpful as I have a habit of never having any clean config files around!

One = missing though on the line below:
<record from "PICTURE" to="graphics/pictures/club/UNIQUE_ID/logo"/>
should be
<record from="PICTURE" to="graphics/pictures/club/UNIQUE_ID/logo"/>

13 years ago
2 hours ago

@AnderzbazGaming what is the name of the skin you're using in the video?

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