Standard Kits Megapacks

Our Football Manager Standard Kits Megapack matches the same design as the Default Kits in Football Manager but includes all the real Kit Designs that Football Manager doesn't come with by default.

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  • 2024.04 - Released on 06 Jan 2024
Standard Kits Megapacks

I have installed all the packs into the graphics folder, after that I launched FM24, cleared the cache but then there's no ‘’reload skin'' button in my menu. How is that possible? What am I doing wrong??


Thanks in advance.

5 years ago
3 months ago

No I finally the reload skins button shows but when I click it nothing happens. I really don't understand this whole thing anymore.


10 years ago
2 days ago

The pack doesn't impact the interface - it purely only changes the images that show up for kits. It doesn't have any ability to alter options in the preferences.

This sounds like it might be an issue relating to your skin. However, do make sure you've tried the following:


  • Hit the ‘Clear Cache’ button in preferences and then close and restart the game.
  • Open preferences again. Make sure ‘Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences’ is ticked.
  • Make sure ‘Use Caching to decrease page loading times’ is unticked.
  • Hit confirm. The skin reload should now happen automatically for you every time you hit confirm in the preferences.


When you're not updating kits and they're as you want them, you can swap the two options above to unticked and ticked respectively to improve performance. You can then go through these steps again whenever you want to add/change kits.

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