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4 years ago
5 days ago

🌟 Welcome to FFO - Your Ultimate Football Manager Experience! 🌟


Since 2007, our platform has provided an engaging Online Football Manager Game for an enthusiastic and competitive community. Within FFO, managers can strategically build their teams, partake in thrilling matches, negotiate transfers to acquire talented players from rival clubs, and improve their club's stadium facilities, among a plethora of other thrilling features. We are proud to be one of the longest-standing and top-rated ESMS games in the world.

We take pride in fostering a welcoming environment for both seasoned and new players. If you possess the ambition and determination to guide a club in England or Europe to the pinnacle of success, we wholeheartedly invite you to join our vibrant community.


⚽ Experience Seamless Matches ⚽

No more waiting! FFO's automated match running ensures action-packed games on schedule.


🌐 Explore Our Redesigned Website 🌐

We've upgraded to modern standards for an immersive gaming experience.


📽️ Relive the Thrilling Moments 📽️

Our enhanced Vidi Printer setup brings the excitement to your screen in real time!


🌱 Nurture Future Legends 🌱

Discover FFO's one-of-a-kind youth academy system to develop your future superstars.


📣 Team Sheet Submitter 📣

No more wondering if the PM you sent has arrived. Use our teamsheet submitters and get an email reply confirming arrival.


📲 Follow Us for Updates 🌐

Stay in the loop for the latest FFO news, events, and contests.


Join the forum at and check out the teams available!


Thanks, and Regards


Jon Banks – FFO Head Admin

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