Behold, the Macedonian Football Leagues for FM24!

The download will be made up of two files (PLEASE USE BOTH FILES INCLUDED!):

  • One that contains the league rules themselves;
  • And a second containing general fixes to the database that will hopefully get fixed in future versions of the game, and thus removing the need for the file later on.

Leagues to be included (leagues highlighted in bold are already released):

  • Version 1 (24.0):
    • 1.MFL (12 teams)
    • 2.MFL (16 teams)
    • 3.MFL (5 regional groups, varies from 8-14 teams in first season, with more teams added later on)
  • Version 2 (24.3 or later):
    • 4.MFL and 5.MFL (planned, will discuss potential ways to implement)


v1.1: Update

  • Main file
    • Added dynamic TV money
    • Improved sponsorship and wage values (will allow for Build a Nation saves to be feasible)
    • Fixed issue with foreigner/non-EU rules after 2030

v1: Release

  • Main file
    • Added 1.MFL, 2.MFL and 3.MFL
    • Included U19s competitions (Super League and Second League
  • Fix file
    • Replaced Lokomotiva with Ilinden in the 3.MFL North
    • Replaced Qatip Osmani with Ardian Nuhiu as Shkendija Manager
    • Added missing Regional Divisions to clubs

Teams I recommend you manage:

Vardar (1.MFL)
Macedonia's most successful team, Vardar have struggled financially in recent times and have only just returned to the 1.MFL after winning promotion last year. Your goal is survival in the first season and get back to the top.


AP Brera (1.MFL)
Recently acquired by Italian consortium Brera Holdings, the newly rebranded AP Brera is known for producing some of Macedonia's current crop of talents like Jani Atanasov, Marko Alcevski, Martin Gjorgievski and many more. Perhaps a youth only save with the Neroverdi could be a good challenge.


Detonit Plackovica (2.MFL)
After a merger between Detonit and Plackovica, the city of Radovis sees itself closer to having a 1.MFL participant more than ever before. With money in the coffers and a trophy cabinet waiting to be filled, will you give something to this town that they have never seen before?


Teteks (2.MFL)
One of only four Macedonian sides to ever compete in Yugoslavia's Federal First Division, the Tekstilci have had what can only be described as a turbulent few years since last competing in the 1.MFL, but under a new board things seem to finally be turning upwards.


Pobeda Prilep (2.MFL)
Being a Pobeda fan has been difficult. From debt troubles to more debt troubles, the Majmuni have leaned back on their youth academy in the hardest of times. Will you do the same and bring up one of Macedonia's most successful sides where they belong?


Pelister (2.MFL)
How they don't have a league title to their name is a question more people should be asking. An academy that pumps out talent after talent, one of Macedonia's biggest stadiums, the oldest ultras group in the country backing them, and yet they have only ever mustered 2 cup titles. They have a squad of experienced players and a dash of youth in there, so get them back up and win them a title as much as it will hurt me to see it.


Kumanovo (3.MFL)
It only took almost 20 years but finally Kumanovo is back. Refounded after the merger of three local sides and with backing from the municipality, why not try and get this team back to the top.


Borec (3.MFL)
The Vampiri had one of the worst seasons I've ever had the displeasure of watching in the 2.MFL, seeing them drop down like a fly and half their squad run away for other pastures in second tier. One wonders if they will ever get back to winning ways, but you could give it a shot.


Rudar 1947 (3.MFL)
The unfortunate souls that lost 17-1 to Sileks in the 1996/97 season of the 1.MFL, Rudar hasn't even competed in the 2.MFL since 1998, and have only recently started to get close to doing so. Will you try taking them over and pushing them up the ranks where they used to be?


Ljuboten (3.MFL)
Being the oldest club is one thing, but the amount of time this team has survived going bankrupt should in itself be a world record. It's not easy being third place in a town that has two very passionate fanbases, but that hasn't stopped the Plavi from ever trying.


Demir Hisar (3.MFL)
Bit of a wildcard pick, Demir Hisar was only refounded in 2021 and has competed in the 3.MFL since. The town has only ever seen one season of 2.MFL football, so why not give them more to cheer for.

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It is North Macedonia…. Dont spam

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Found some issues in the initial release so I fixed them and added dynamic TV revenue, sponsorships and wages.



  • Main file
    • Added dynamic TV money
    • Improved sponsorship and wage values (will allow for Build a Nation saves to be feasible)
    • Fixed issue with foreigner/non-EU rules after 2030
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Another Fantasy League!

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Another Fantasy League!


Why do you say it is a fantasy one?

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