New Pyramid of the Argentine System

At the end of 2023, Argentine clubs, mainly C.A. Boca Juniors and C.A. River Plate, tired of the lack of organization of local competitions, which greatly weakened football in the country, leaving them far behind Brazilian clubs in Conmebol competitions, promised to break up completely with the Argentine Football Association and join the Brazilian Football Confederation in a drastic and desperate measure.
Thus, the AFA hurriedly called an Extraordinary Assembly with the aim of solving the problem and not losing the two giants to Brazilian football. So after a lot of fighting behind the scenes, they reached a decision that would calm the two giants of Buenos Aires and promises to greatly improve the financial and sporting situation of football in the country.

It was decided that from 2024 onwards three national divisions will be held in a straight points format, encompassing the clubs that were in the Liga Profesional and Primera Nacional in 2023 plus the teams that rose from the Primera B and Torneo Federal: Thus the 8 worst placed clubs in the LPF Annual Table were automatically demoted to the Primera Nacional in 2024 and the 22 worst in the general classification of the First National 2023 were demoted to the new Segunda Nacional in 2024, and finally the promotions took place as planned so as not to harm the clubs that gained access and field.

Thus, the new pyramid of Argentine football was as follows:

Liga Profesional de Fútbol - 22 clubs.
Primera Nacional - 24 clubs and promotion playoffs.
Second National - 24 clubs and promotion playoffs.

Argentine Cup - 106 clubs - knockout stage.
LPF Cup - 22 clubs - knockout stage
Supercup - 2 clubs

Base divisions
Under 23 leagues
Under 19 leagues

Note: start the save on January 1, 2024, in Brazil or another neighboring country to avoid causing an error.


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