The first folder is called Argentina Bohemia, in it you will find the seven Argentine formats that I have made so far and in the "Formatos" document you will find a brief description of each one.


In the Copas Bohemias folder you will find all the glasses that I have edited so far and in the Read Me document the explanation of the formats of each of them. The cups are UEFA Champions League with only league champions, Libertadores with mexican and USA teams, Elite League U20, Jules Rimet Competition (of clubs and national teams), Top 16 cup, Panamerican Cup, Regional Superleagues, U23 World Cup, Confederations Cup, Interamerican, Intercontinental, Summer Tournament of Argentina


The bohemian scenarios are 3 for now: Unity Group a business group of 32 clubs in 31 countries, Fallen giants (where we descend big teams to the last divisions) and the Republic of Buenos Aires


The highlight is the ESTRUCTURAS BOHEMIAS (all those that end in the word bohemio). These are the formats taken to 20 teams, opening and closing and a regionalized promotion with few promotions. The countries are Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Scotland, Spain, USA, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, India, England, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela


Then, we have the megapack, where we enable all the teams in the database by creating rules in all the countries of the world, and using the real bases in the countries where the game already comes. The structures are ficticious, and by a personal decision I don´t choose any restriction in the squad registration. In addition, for now structures are being created in Monaco, Liechtenstein and Rapa Nui


The Megapack is a work that has been going on for four months now and is constantly growing. There are around 400 files today and it has taken me a lot of sacrifice, effort and best of all: it is FREE.


If you have any questions, you can contact me on Twitter as @falsobohemio. Excuse my English, although I speak well, my native language is Spanish, even if you speak to me in English I understand


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Gracias, capo!


Thanks, man!

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Gracias ídolo!!! 

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mega pack ligas todas jogaveis

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still Work for new update? 

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Could please make it work with the new update??


I would really appreciate it.

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When new  WORKING update? 

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can you make all of the Icelandic leagues with real players


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Any update for the new version?


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