A custom database for Football Manager 24 that takes you on a journey to the fantasy Nordic nation of Ossean.



Introducing "The Ossean Database Project" - a new custom database for Football Manager 24 that takes you on a journey to the beautiful Nordic nation of Ossean, a fictional country based in the North Atlantic Ocean, with a mix of languages and cultures present across it's islands.


This immersive database features a rich football pyramid, made up of 108 teams across four tiers, with unique natural climates for each island that make up the nation. With over 300 custom players, and more players being added regularly, you can build your dream team and take on the best of the best.



The Osseani football pyramid is structured as follows:

  • Superliga - 12 Teams
  • Sekundliga - 12 Teams
  • Tredjeliga - 2 leagues (East/West split) of 14 teams
  • Fjerdeliga - 4 leagues (NE, NW, SE, SW split) of 14 teams


Ossean is part of UEFA and the EU, which makes it easier for managers to sign top talent and attempt to compete in prestigious European competitions.


In this database each team plays in two exciting domestic cups, the OFF Cup, aswell as their regional cup.



There are 108 teams to choose from across the 4 tiers, each with their own unique story and character. Some of these include;

  • Järnväg FK - Last season's treble winners and Ossean's most succesful club
  • Eskifreyri HJ - Superliga champions 2 years ago, they're aiming to get the title back.
  • Kúlurafís - Ossean's "banter club" who always come close to winning trophies.
  • Dijnamo - Historically one of Ossean's best clubs, in the midst of a resurgence in the Sekundliga after languishing in the lower leagues.


Other Info

You can also enjoy a graphics pack that includes all of the custom player's faces, team logos, competition logos, team kits, and flags.

We recommend enabling "add players to playable teams" and disabling "do not add key staff," if you prefer a more streamlined experience. If you prefer building your team from the ground up, you can play with the teams as they are.


Have a question or want to get involved?

Join our community, share your stories, and ask questions to the development team on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/Y7byyEEJDu



Database File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i1xo95zj50zk57y/OSSEAN_FM24_V1_OFFICIAL.fmf/file

Graphics Pack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lgk1kmvcjtbdea8/Ossean_Graphics_FM24_V1.zip/file

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