After the failure of the European Super League involving Europe's biggest clubs, investors were at a loss as what to do.

Then, at a secretly held meeting, it was decided if they cannot convince clubs to join their league, then they would create their own.. and then, the idea of football going regional was born.

Franchise teams were offered to investors from the biggest footballing countries in Europe, a maximum of 4 from each country. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK and Ireland all created teams which will be privately owned by investors and cannot be overtaken by outsiders.

The plan is to create financial equality and stability amongst clubs, every club will equally share a massive TV deal and prize money will be shared equally. The goal is to become the biggest league in the world and promote talent from every country involved..

So how will the league work?
There will be 36 franchise/regional teams split into 2 groups of 18 teams, these groups will be random every season to offer diversity of fixtures between all 36 teams There will be a 34 game league season, with the top 4 from each group competing in the end of season play-offs to become the overall champion of Europe.
There is also a cup competition which offers UEFA qualification and a super cup for the winners of the league and cup to compete for.

Teams have no fear of relegation and have the chance to build up their clubs. Each team may only have 8 foreign players, so as well as buying superstars, clubs will have to grow their own talent, which shouldn't be a problem as all clubs must have state of the art facilities. All clubs have purpose built stadiums and have agreed on low ticket prices across the league to support

Squad rules:
Maximum squad of 99 Players.
Maximum of 25 over 21 year old players.
Maximum of 8 foreign players.
Maximum of 4 loan players a season.

Every club receives £200 million for TV rights every season.
Every club receives £50 million for their league position.
The Play-off winner receives an extra £25 million for winning the league.

England - 4
Spain - 4
Germany - 4
Italy - 4
France - 4
Belgium - 2
Netherlands - 3
Portugal - 2
Turkey - 2
Scotland - 2
Wales - 2
Ireland - 2
N. Ireland - 1

There is also an amazing graphics pack to download which offers the full immersive experience.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this database which took some time to create.

Jason Phillips
1 year ago
19 hours ago

Hi do you have eny pictures of what it would look like? 

Richie Evans
5 years ago
1 day ago

Heres some screen shots of my save with Glamorgan.

3 years ago
2 weeks ago

where is the graphics pack located?

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