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Hi all 👋


I've been developing an Football Manager Role Scoring web-app to aid in player recruitment for the past few months, called FMDataLab. 


FMDataLab uses player attribute data exported from views in your Football Manager save to calculate each exported players' proficiency for each role with a score out of 20, to help you make informed transfer & squad decisions. 


I've just released my first update that includes some new features!


I have the first video below, detailing some of the inner workings and how you can use FMDataLab as part of your player recruitment strategy.



I also have the following video that highlights all the new updates to FMDataLab



You can visit FMDataLab on the following URL 


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 


Hope you all have a great day!


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This looks pretty impressive. I've signed up so will check it out

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2 days ago

Hey this is really cool @FMDataLab ! I've always wanted to have the time to try and build something like this myself, I know it must have taken alot of work.


How long did it take you to make and what source did you use for the weightings?

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