9 years ago
2 days ago

I did a lot of editing in order to have U19s teams in place of U20 in Italy.


I edited each team so that he has U19 team instead of U20 team as Reserve team to create (I had to do this for all teams in Serie A, B, C and for a the team of San Marino Academy):



Then I changed each U20 Tournament in Italy to U19:



Then in Advanced rules I changed all the Reserve teams to create:



I edited selection rules as they are IRL:



And switched the U20 Tournaments to U19 also in Advanced rules:



Unfortunately it didn't work out, I get an error message when I try to validate the Advanced rules.

I would create the Youth competitions from scratch, however they are connected to Youth Leage and Carnival Cup and I don't know how to do it.


Please find attached the file of my editing. I am open to suggestions. 


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