Tommy Scripto
11 years ago
8 hours ago

Hi everyone!  So 2 years ago I added fictional nation through editor , edited the ‘Pre-Ireland’, removed Kazakhstan from Europe Competitions so my country and clubs can play in them and everything was working fine as I played 20 seasons. So basically I added FM 22 editor file into FM 24 pre game editor. Luckily my nation and clubs are still here but I cant get anything to work. Leagues are there, yet I cant make nation rules for my fictional country.
Ive become a litlle rusty at Editor obviously. Can someone do it for me or at least explain how to add my country in Euro and World Qualifiers and have my clubs playing in all European competitions? Name of the fictional Country is Republic Of Olyndria and the leagues are called:
1. Azzuria Liga Royale (Azzuria because on FM22 i called the country Azzuria and decided to change it to Olyndria this year)
2. Azzuria Liga Primera
3. Azzuria Liga Nationale
4. Azzuria Liga Nationale One
5. Azzuria Liga Nationale Two

Cups are named:
Copa Populare (main cup)
RedBull Cup
Super Cup

Any help appreciated!!!!

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