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3 weeks ago

Hi, I've been working for months on a file that finally has 100% real Media and Journalists, listening to hundreds and hundreds of press conferences to ensure that at least for the main Serie A teams there are real journalists who usually participate to conferences, which deal with certain teams and which belong to real newspapers.


However, I have two problems:


1) At a certain point, if I create new News Sources, even if I set all the parameters, they are unable to appear in the game in any way. I have to duplicate an existing source and then modify it to be able to make it appear. It gives me the impression that the game doesn't accept more than a certain number of IDs or Media, what do you think it could be?


2) MOST IMPORTANT: For this work I started from an FMInside Media fmf file and if I try to save it as new to rename it with new Names and Details, and load this database, I do not find any changes made to the names. If instead I load the original one that I modified, but without saving it as new, therefore with the old name...Everything works perfectly. It's as if by saving it as a new file, I lose some changes, and in fact I realize that the new file weighs less in terms of KB. How can I solve it? 


Thank you

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