4 years ago
4 hours ago
By LuisBravo1989 02 December 2021 - 23:28 PM UTC 

Someone Knows who is this person. Because with this ID : 566054 don´t find any result


Miguel Herrera (5660054)

9 years ago
5 days ago
Matt Hallsworth
8 years ago
5 days ago

Hi. Downloaded the new update pack and it’s reverted all the Girona players back to last years kit. 

Any way I can fix it? 

11 years ago
5 months ago

Hi guys, the latest update available on DF11's site is 2022.05 with file size 648MB. The latest update on Sortitout has been incorrectly named 2021.05 with file size 508MB. The file contents does not agree with the update available on DF11's site. Could you please investigate and update? Thanks

Hajdučki sin
12 years ago
1 hour ago

I can't download 2022 november pack

Malthe Sonne
3 years ago
4 months ago

Having a bit of trouble installing it. 

I followed the instructions on this website, and for some reason everything works completely fine except the image of the player, when i enter his attributes page. 

I can see a background of the player, but not the “shot” photo om him in the left top corner. Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?


Nathan Doe
6 years ago
3 months ago

I have downloaded this pack but for certain players (I've started with Reading) it still seems to show cut-out faces which I assume were base game. I have checked ID against pictures, checked config file and all seems to align, but not quite sure what I can do!?

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