Primera Divisió - 8 teams. As real as it gets:
The participating teams first played a conventional round-robin schedule with every team playing each opponent once "home" and once "away" (in actuality, the designation of home and away was purely arbitrary as the clubs did not have their own grounds) for a total of 14 games. The league was then split up in two groups of four teams with each of them playing teams within their group in a home-and-away cycle of games. The top four teams competed for the championship. The bottom four clubs played for one direct relegation spot and one relegation play-off spot. Records earned in the First Round were taken over to the respective Second Rounds.

Segona Divisió - 15 teams. Simple home-away format. The top "non-B" team is promotted, the second "non-B" team plays the promottion play-off.
Copa Constitució - Simple cup. Starts in January. Ps: Champions qualy to Europa League.

Added teams:
CE Jenlai (missing on FM database).
Some B teams missing on FM database.

- Revised team and kits colors of all teams (based on wiki info and images).
- Fixed some history results.
- Default sub 18 comps.

known bug: B teams on the second division will appear as "relegated" if the main team has been relegated on the first division. But, there's no way to relegate this B team. It's just an visual bug.

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