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Houston Dynamo are a team in Football Manager 2015. Houston play in the Major League Soccer in United States in FM 15. Houston Dynamo are a playable team in FM2015.

Houston Dynamo
United States
Major League Soccer
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Houston Dynamo Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Houston Dynamo will be Good

Houston Dynamo Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Houston Dynamo in Football Manager 2015?

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Houston Dynamo Players in FM15

All Houston Dynamo Players in Football Manager 2015
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
DaMarcus Beasley 31 D/WB/M L £9k £1m £687k 31-12-2015
Boniek García 29 D/WB R, DM, AM RC £3k £1m £689k 31-12-2016
Raúl Rodríguez 26 D RC £3k £3m £1m 31-12-2016
Brad Davis 32 AM LC £5k £162k £84k 31-12-2015
Ricardo Clark 31 D C, DM £4k £415k £207k 31-12-2015
Luis Garrido 23 WB L, DM, M LC £130 £185k £198k 30-03-2016
Giles Barnes 25 AM RC, F C £3k £173k £14k 31-12-2014
Leonel Miranda 20 AM RC £1k £875k £2m 29-06-2017
Jermaine Taylor 29 D RLC £2k £114k £54k 31-12-2014
Will Bruin 24 ST £2k £180k £137k 31-12-2014
Kofi Sarkodie 23 D R £2k £100k £65k 31-12-2014
Corey Ashe 28 D/M L £2k £507k £39k 31-12-2015
Tyler Deric 25 GK £1k £99k £8k 31-12-2014
Nathan Sturgis 26 DM £1k £543k £42k 31-12-2015
Alex López 21 AM RC, F C £2k £584k £701k 31-12-2015
David Horst 28 D C £850 £104k £8k 31-12-2014
Joe Willis 25 GK £560 £217k £15k 31-12-2015
Jason Johnson 23 AM/F C £1k £284k £68k 31-12-2015
Zach Steinberger 22 DM £420 £764k £629k 31-12-2016
A.J. Cochran 21 D C £860 £757k £805k 31-12-2016
Michael Lisch 23 GK £420 £274k £152k 31-12-2015
Oumar Ballo 23 D C £420 £463k £254k 31-12-2016
Rob Lovejoy 22 ST £420 £458k £361k 31-12-2016
Taylor Hunter 20 D C £420 £209k £259k 31-12-2016

Houston Dynamo Loaned Out Players in FM15

Players out on loan from Houston Dynamo in Football Manager 2015
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Erick Torres 21 ST £12k £3m £1m 31-12-2019

Houston Dynamo Staff in FM15

Houston Dynamo Staff in Football Manager 2015
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Owen Coyle 47 Manager (First Team) £3k 31-12-2017
Chris Canetti 43 Chairman 31-12-2018
Sandy Stewart 48 Assistant Manager (First Team) £6k 31-12-2017
Paul Caffrey 47 Fitness Coach (First Team) £2k 31-12-2015
Matt Jordan 38 Director of Football £3k 31-12-2016
Wade Barrett 37 Assistant Manager (First Team) £2k 31-12-2014
Nick Kowba 39 Chief Scout £1k 31-12-2015
James Clarkson 43 Head of Youth Development £2k 31-12-2016
Shane Caron 38 Physio (First Team) £1k 31-12-2014
Oscar De la Hoya 41 Director
Theron Enns 42 Head Physio £2k 31-12-2014
Dennis Moynihan 114 Director
James Martin 114 Director
Gabriel Brenner 114 Director
Paul Byrne 114 Director