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The English Premier Division is a league in Football Manager 2018. Premier Division can be found in England in FM 18. The English Premier Division is playable in FM2018.

This page describes English Premier Division in FM18 if you are looking for a Data Update that updates the FM18 Database with updated squads, latest transfers and promotions and relegations then download the FM18 Database Update instead.

English Premier Division
Total Teams
Avg Balance
Avg Age
Avg Training
Avg Youth Rating
Avg Academy
Avg Rep
Avg Attendance
Avg Rating
Avg Potential
Manage in English Premier Division in Football Manager 2018

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Name Balance Budget Wage Avg Age Avg Att Training Newgens Yth Recruitment Rating Potential
AFC Bournemouth £23m £14m £50k 11,189 Good Average Limited 75 78
Arsenal £298m £72m £400k 60,040 Superb Excellent Limited 80 82
Brighton and Hove Albion £-65m £1m £35k 27,996 Superb Great Limited 75 76
Burnley £19m £8m £40k 20,100 Excellent Great Limited 76 78
Chelsea £72m £43m £350k 41,500 Best Superb Limited 80 82
Crystal Palace £-42m £20k 24,636 Good Average Limited 73 76
Everton £45m £11m £50k 39,200 Superb Excellent Limited 77 79
Huddersfield Town £-55m £35k 23,000 Great Average Limited 74 76
Leicester City £41m £27m £80k 32,021 Great Great Limited 76 78
Liverpool £134m £112m £350k 54,074 Excellent Excellent Limited 79 82
Manchester City £65m £62m £400k 54,041 Best Superb Limited 81 83
Manchester United £321m £42m £350k 75,635 Best Superb Limited 81 84
Newcastle United £-13m £40k 52,093 Excellent Good Limited 74 77
Southampton £101m £60m £150k 31,087 Superb Excellent Limited 76 79
Stoke City £30m £30m £150k 27,534 Excellent Good Limited 75 78
Swansea City £12m £400k £150k 20,711 Great Average Limited 74 76
Tottenham Hotspur £220m £41m £150k 80,000 Best Superb Limited 79 81
Watford £-14m £800k £60k 20,594 Superb Good Limited 76 79
West Bromwich Albion £-8m £2m £65k 24,631 Excellent Excellent Limited 77 79
West Ham United £46m £30m £100k 56,970 Great Great Limited 76 79