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This page refers to an older game Football Manager 2022. View Chicago in all games.

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Chicago are a team in Football Manager 2022. Chicago play in the Major League Soccer in United States in FM 22. Chicago are a playable team in FM2022. Chicago play at a stadium called "Soldier Field" in Football Manager 22.

United States
Major League Soccer
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Chicago Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Chicago will be Good

Chicago Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Chicago in Football Manager 2022?

This is a guide to managing Chicago in FM22. If you want to play Football Manager 2022 with an updated Chicago squad featuring all the latest real world transfers then you should download the sortitoutsi FM22 Update which updates the Football Manager 2022 database with all the latest transfers, updated squads and promotions and relegations. It's the best Football Manager 2022 Data Update you can download.

Chicago Players in FM22

All Chicago Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Xherdan Shaqiri 29 AM RLC £48k £3m £327k 31-12-2024
Gastón Giménez 29 DM £33k £5m £404k 31-12-2023
Rafael Czichos 31 D LC £11k £27m 31-12-2024
Federico Navarro 21 DM £4k £3m £5m 31-12-2025
Kacper Przybyłko 28 ST £13k £3m £225k 31-12-2023
Boris Sekulić 29 D RLC £9k £745k £60k 31-12-2022
Stanislav Ivanov 22 AM RL, ST £5k £2m £2m 31-12-2023
Jhon Durán 17 ST £2k £3m £8m 31-12-2025
Jhon Espinoza 22 D/WB R £4k £1m £1m 31-12-2023
Mauricio Pineda 23 D C, DM £3k £1m £775k 31-12-2023
Fabian Herbers 27 AM RC £3k £607k £47k 31-12-2022
Carlos Teran 20 D RC £3k £1m £2m 31-12-2022
Jonathan Bornstein 36 D/WB L £4k £10k £760 31-12-2022
Wyatt Omsberg 25 D C £1k £103k £8k 31-12-2022
Spencer Richey 29 GK £1k £74k £6k 31-12-2023
Gabriel Słonina 17 GK £1k £5m £10m 31-12-2022
Brian Gutiérrez 18 AM RC £880 £2m £5m 31-12-2023
Chinonso Offor 21 ST £3k £573k £650k 31-12-2023
Charlie Ostrem 21 D/WB L £1k £681k £767k 31-12-2023
Andre Reynolds 20 D L £1k £915k £1m 31-12-2022
Victor Bezerra 21 AM/F C £1k £642k £711k 31-12-2024
Kendall Burks 21 D RC £1k £2m £2m 31-12-2023
Carlo Ritaccio 21 D RC, DM £880 £81k £85k 31-12-2023
Yanis Leerman 23 D C £880 £34k £19k 31-12-2023
Alex Monis 18 AM R £880 £804k £1m 31-12-2023
Allan Rodríguez 17 DM £880 £1m £2m 31-12-2023
Chris Brady 17 GK £880 £532k £1m 31-12-2023

Chicago Loaned Out Players in FM22

Players out on loan from Chicago in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Sergio Oregel 16 AM C £1k £723k £2m 31-12-2025
Missael Rodriguez (Missael Rodriguez) 18 ST £1k £780k £1m 31-12-2025

Chicago Staff in FM22

Chicago Staff in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Georg Heitz 51 Director of Football £0 31-12-2022
Cédric Cattenoy 60 Head of Youth Development £2k 31-12-2022
Dr. Joshua Blomgren 51 Chief Doctor £1k 31-12-2021
Roberto Crausaz 53 Scout £1k
Ezra Hendrickson 49 Manager (First Team) £0 31-12-2024
Frank Klopas 54 Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2021
Joe Mansueto 64 Owner £0
Junior Gonzalez (Othoniel Gonzalez) 43 Assistant Manager (First Team) £3k 31-12-2024
Matt Pearson 40 Chief Scout £1k 31-12-2021
Borja de Matías 27 Scout £990 31-12-2022
Adin Brown 43 GK Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2022
C.J. Brown 46 Coach (First Team) £3k 31-12-2024
Paul Cadwell 46 Director £0 31-12-2021
Hodong Cho 29 Sports Scientist (First Team) £720 31-12-2021
Logan Pause 39 Coach (First Team) £2k 31-12-2021
Jeff DeGroot 35 Performance Analyst (First Team) £1k
Sebastian Pelzer 40 Technical Director £5k 31-12-2022
Ishwara Glassman Chrein 40 Managing Director £0
Andy Herrón 43 Scout £0