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UCAM Murcia are a team in Football Manager 2022. U. Murcia play in the Spanish Federation First Division B in Spain in FM 22. UCAM Murcia are a playable team in FM2022. U. Murcia play at a stadium called "La Condomina" in Football Manager 22.

UCAM Murcia
Spanish Federation First Division B
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UCAM Murcia Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by UCAM Murcia will be Adequate

UCAM Murcia Transfers

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UCAM Murcia Players in FM22

All UCAM Murcia Players in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Josete (José Antonio Malagón) 33 D C £3k £153k £13k
Rubén Mesa 29 ST £14k £453k £37k 30-06-2023
Biel Ribas 35 GK £3k £80k £6k 30-06-2022
Alberto (Alberto Fernández García) 22 AM R £1k £232k £18k 30-06-2022
Moyita (Sergio Dueñas) 28 AM RLC £2k £113k £9k 30-06-2022
Francesc Fullana 31 AM RC, F C £2k £23m 30-06-2023
José Antonio Caro 28 D RC £370 £48k £39k 30-06-2023
Xemi (Josep Miquel Fernández Codina) 26 AM C £1k £79k £6k
Isi (Isidro Ros) 25 AM RLC £2k £117k £9k 30-06-2023
Tekio (Sergio Blázquez) 30 D/WB R £2k £97k £7k 30-06-2022
Moisés Delgado 27 D/WB L £1k £147k £11k 30-06-2023
Liberto (Liberto Beltrán) 24 AM L £1k £52k £4k 30-06-2022
Manu Farrando 26 D RC £2k £137k £11k 30-06-2022
Pedro López (Pedro López Galisteo) 26 GK £1k £117k £9k 30-06-2023
Charlie l'Anson 28 D C £1k £64k £5k
Raúl Palma 26 DM £1k £84k £6k 30-06-2023
Armando Corbalán 27 DM £1k £50k £4k
Mario Abenza 25 M C £1k £68k £5k 30-06-2023
Josema Raigal 21 AM C £1k £374k £550k 30-06-2023
Viti (Víctor Díaz) 30 D/AM L £550 £48k £23k
Manu Garrido 20 ST £1k £169k £283k 30-06-2024
Felipe Chacartegui 23 D L £770 £64k £37k
Juan Ignacio Amann 22 GK £380 £2k £1k

UCAM Murcia Loaned Out Players in FM22

Players out on loan from UCAM Murcia in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Admonio (Admonio Vicente Gomes) 27 D C £860 £43k £3k 30-06-2022
Johan Terranova 23 D R £520 £65k £38k 30-06-2023

UCAM Murcia Staff in FM22

UCAM Murcia Staff in Football Manager 2022
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Pedro Reverte 44 Director of Football £0
José David Larrosa 47 Head of Youth Development £990
Pablo Herrero 44 Assistant Manager (First Team) £1k
David Torrejón 42 Fitness Coach (First Team) £400
Salva Ballesta 46 Manager (First Team) £0 30-06-2022
Javier Estrella 42 Head Physio £410
Mariano Oyonarte 45 Coach (First Team) £620
Victor Lafuente 26 Scout £320
José Luis Mendoza 72 Chairman £0
Agustín Ros 30 Physio (First Team) £430