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Ajman are a team in Football Manager 2023. Ajman play in the UAE Professional League in United Arab Emirates in FM 23. Ajman play at a stadium called "Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Stadium" in Football Manager 23.

United Arab Emirates
UAE Professional League
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Ajman Newgen Rating


Newgens are the new players that the game generates and join the club on Youth Intake Day. The Newgens produced by Ajman will be Adequate

Ajman Transfers

Looking for players to buy for Ajman in Football Manager 2023?

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Ajman Players in FM23

All Ajman Players in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Position Wage Value Cost Expires Rating Potential
Mohamed Firas Ben Larbi 26 AM RC, F C £16k £3m £258k 31-05-2024
Oualid Azaro 27 AM L, ST £17k £4m £301k 31-05-2024
Miral Samardžić 35 D C £15k £202k £16k 31-05-2023
Prestige Mboungou 22 AM RC £14k £3m £219k 31-05-2023
Ali Madan 26 AM RC £160 £14k £1k
Rocky Marciano 20 ST £13k £810k £59k
Ali Mohammed Al-Hosani 34 GK £10k £36k £3k 31-05-2023
Mohamed Ismail 30 D R £10k £98k £7k 31-05-2023
Abdalla Saleh 34 D C £11k £48k £3k 31-05-2023
Novak Vuković 21 D/WB L £12k £411k £455k
Nasser Mahmoud Noor 25 AM L £9k £70k £5k
Bilal Yousif Al-Raeesi 27 DM £8k £56k £4k 31-05-2024
Nasir Abdelhadi Al-Maazmi 32 M LC £8k £28k £2k
Yousuf Ahmed 33 GK £6k £22k £1k
Saoud Saeed 32 D L £6k £20k £1k
Waleid Al-Yammahi 31 D C £6k £23k £2k
Tareq Al-Khodaim 32 AM R £10k £45k £3k 31-05-2023
Humaid Abdalla Al-Hammadi 26 AM C £4k £26k £2k
Mohammed Hilal 26 DM £8k £56k £4k
Saeed Jassim Hassan 27 ST £10k £80k £5k
Hussain Abdulrahman 27 AM C £2k £11k £720 31-05-2024
Mohammed Saif 29 D RL £2k £13k £850
Talal Abdul Jalil Al-Marzouqi 24 WB L £4k £37k £11k
Issam Faiz 22 AM L £2k £389k £302k
Mohammed Saleh 23 M C £2k £115k £62k
Issam Suhaitit 22 M C £2k £383k £298k
Saeed Abdullah 24 GK £2k £3k £930
Fahad Ahmed 21 M C £2k £175k £173k
Khalfan Khalid 21 D LC £2k £321k £317k
Abdelrahman Rakan 22 D C £4k £7k £5k 31-05-2023
Mohammed Dirar 21 M C £2k £131k £130k
Rashed Nooh 21 M C £2k £219k £216k
Khalifa Ali 21 DM £2k £24k £24k
Mohammad Al-Hammadi 21 DM £2k £219k £216k
Ahmad Eissa 21 D/WB L £2k £281k £277k
Humaid Jamal 20 ST £970 £197k £233k
Ammar Ali 22 M C £970 £2k £1k
David Ayim 18 AM C £970 £150k £245k
Aidh Bin Khamis 20 M C £970 £28k £33k
Raed Mahmoud 18 DM £90 £352k £573k
Ahmad Yacoub 20 GK £970 £28k £32k
Abdullah Abdulhadi 18 DM £60 £29k £45k
Ghonim Mohamed 18 M C £60 £30k £47k
Hamad Helaluddin 18 D C £60 £30k £47k
Ruslan Rysan 17 M C £690 £74k £126k
Álvaro Calebe 20 ST £400 £13k £13k 31-05-2023

Ajman Staff in FM23

Ajman Staff in Football Manager 2023
Name Age Job Wage Expires Rating
Goran Tufegdžić 50 Manager (First Team) £0 31-05-2024
Andreja Ferlež 48 Assistant Manager (First Team) £1k
Alfredo Pasini 44 Chief Scout £470 31-05-2023
Faiçal Gormi 34 Head of Youth Development £1k
Sanad Humaid Al-Musaiebi 55 Managing Director £0
Angelo Olivar 35 Physio (U19 Team) £450
Ahmed Al-Ali 57 Managing Director £0
Mohamed Salah Gomaa 51 Fitness Coach (First Team) £360
Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi IV 38 Chairman £0