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Rejected by mons on 02 Mar 2022 19:08:30
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Not bad @LstSniper, but such a good source can provided a better cut. For example, there's a chunk of hair missing on our left. This is not in the correct dimensions, either. Have a look at this thread for guidelines for cutters and video tutorials on what we expect for from our cuts 👍


I recommend using for your cuts. It's a fantastic free online tool which does the heavy lifting for you by removing the background in the source image, leaving you to only rotate, crop and/or nudge the collar upwards. It's tremendously easy to use and provides fantastic quality. With it, you can go from source to cut in a couple of minutes for the vast majority of images.


Here's a couple of videos on how to use it, one when combined with Photoshop and another using, which is a free online app so close to Photoshop that it has the same shortcuts, layout and icons 😉 If you don't have Photoshop, is the tool I would recommend to use to tweak the draft cut produced by It's more powerful and versatile than GIMP and other similar tools.



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