Shiny Logos Megapack

Here it is the Shiny 2013 Megapack, with more than 16000 club logos and over 1200 competition logos, and of course all Nation and Confederation logos, plus some extinct countries flags and alternative logos for clubs, competitions and nations. The pack will be updated regularly and new logos are always being added.

  • 100,059
  • 2015.02 - Released on 21 Apr 2015
Shiny Logos Megapack

Version 2015.02 - Football Manager Shiny Logos Megapack Megapack

You are looking at Version 2015.02 of the Football Manager Shiny Logos Megapack Megapack.

Date Released 21 Apr 2015 19:52:56
Changes File 25,109 Images 177.71 MiB
Complete File 100,059 Images 2.12 GiB
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